By  odirachinma nwawube Ezeobi (TBP)

OCTOBER 1,2017

Nigeria claims to be celebrating her 57th year of independence from the hands of the British empire which of course will be likened as celebrating freedom. But the question every intellectually sound citizen especially the defunct biafra republic whom since after the war has been kept as prisoners of war and their land conquered territory is " are we actually free from the colonial powers and if yes what about our ruling class, have they allowed us to enjoy that's dividends that makes a free people?

The question remains what exactly are we celebrating as so called giant of Africa? A giant whose children can not boast of three square meals a day A giant whose children are massacred by her because she is strong but cannot stand against her real enemies.

Nigeria @57 is a ridicule of age. My uncle once argued that it would had been better for us to have remained under slavery of British people directly than indirect slavery of British people through the use of a section of the country which they thought vulnerable.

Come to think about the necessary rights to define a free people. Do we now celebrate the odi massacre under Obasanjo Do we now celebrate Agatu Fulani menace Do we Celebrate the Uzo uwani Fulani continuous menace Do we celebrate the January 20 massacre of Trump supporters in portharcourt Do we celebrate the Onitsha bridge head massacre of Ipob harmless members by Nigerian soldiers. Do we celebrate the aba high school massacre of Ipob armless members by same Nigerian forces Do we celebrate the eke Nkpor 30th may massacre Do we celebrate the Ozubulu massacre Do we celebrate the recent Aba and Umuahia massacre.

Are we to celebrate the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. Are we to celebrate the abominable road network in south east The pollution of farms and water in the south southern Nigeria Do we celebrate the very exorbitant school fees and lecturers and teachers corrupt practices. Are we celebrating the decay in the judicial process of the giant of Africa where the executive dictates what decision the court takes. Are we celebrating a Nigeria where peace and progress is only mentioned in the national anthem but nowhere to be seen Are we celebrating the fact that we export Rice whereas the common man on the street is hungry
I need Nigerians to tell us the younger generations what exactly we are celebrating. I need our leaders past and present to rise up and tell us if independence should be an oxymoron or a word on its own

We need to hear from those that force us into this unholy shameful marriage. Till now, I don't see a reason to celebrate Nigeria, if you have one please endeavor to teach those expectant young eyes you are going to take salute from..

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