The Biafra National Guard led by General Innocent Orji welcomes the idea of the federal government of Nigeria listening to the plea of Arewa people who have been fighting and protesting for the re-arrest of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. This goes further to show that the people of Biafra are slaves in Nigeria who have no right to their freedom enshrined in human rights charter of 1984. We welcome the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu because it would define our role and convince the people of Biafra to succumb to the fact that on her table.

The President of Nigeria who is a product of plastic surgery because we are very convinced that Buhari died long time again has also threatened our people with death. Upon his arrival; his maiden speech was hate speech against the people of Biafra in whose context, the word ‘destroy’ targeted the people of Biafra. We wish to use this medium and remind the people of Biafra that the product of plastic surgery sitting in Aso Rock is determined to crush us.

The bad news for impersonator of Buhari in Aso Rock is that Biafra National Guard under the leadership of General Orji shall do everything humanly possible to militarily defend the people of Biafra. The people of Biafra have right to live and no man born of a woman can deny us that right. BNG led by General Innocent Orji shall oppose any form of ethnic cleansing or genocide against the people of Biafra. 1967 has come and gone; we have moved on and never again shall the people of Biafra be destroyed or crushed. BNG under the leadership of General Innocent Orji shall resist the crushing of our people because that was why His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu gave him the rank of General.
Arewa Youths are cowards forever; we will never be confused with their quit notice withdrawal, they deserve to be arrested and not the peace loving leader of the people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. We are solidly behind him and would show strength in the cause of his re-arrest. We are aware that Arewa people are the owners of Nigeria and this is why they call the shot on who will be arrested and who will not be arrested. This is why we demand total freedom for our people; Biafra is a nation they shall freely exist without undue influence.

The world leaders may have feigned ignorance to the call for referendum made by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra; they looked on while regime atrocities thrive and make no effort towards bringing the political instability occasioned by Biafra agitation that is likely to snow ball into full blown war to an end. Nigerian government has shown a level of uncivilized character that shall be met with uncivilized response from BNG against the civilized response IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been giving her.
Britain must leave the people of Biafra alone; we want to remain or go back to how God created us, we are tired of the failed marriage. The world must hold Britain responsible over the potential second civil war that is imminent in Biafra. They are the architect of everything wrong and destruction of humanity in Biafra. They are behind Fulani herdsmen terrorist, Boko Haram and everything evil in Biafra, if they are not embodiment of evil and genocide against the people of Biafra, they should openly distance themselves from Nigeria. We will defend our lives and everything we are because it is a lawful thing to do and when the time of reckoning comes in the International Criminal Court, Britain should be held responsible.

However; we got intelligence of the redeployment of troops in Biafra land from Aso Rock and also we are aware that some mischief makers have been contracted to harm the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra over his no-election stance. We have eye in Aso Rock and many places the federal government cannot imagine because even that man beside you is tired of Nigeria. We urge those that claimed to be freedom fighters that have been paid to cause violence in Biafra to desist from that and work towards defeating our common enemy. Biafra National Guard under the leadership of General Innocent Orji shall demand account of actions of everyone.

We therefore call on the federal government of Nigeria to withdraw troops from Biafra land because we are peace loving people; they should not get tired when the real time has not come. We are aware that Britain uses Hausa/Fulani to enslave and destroy us but we will give them what they want very soon. We may have a different strategy towards the achievement of Biafra; we might not be in communication with IPOB due to her peaceful ideology but we won’t allow anything happen to the leader of IPOB and our people, never shall Biafra National Guard keep silent.

We also call on the federal government to release peaceful Biafra activists incarcerated in their various prisons. Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Bright Chimezie, Maduka Mmadu, Benjamin Nwawuisi, Sabastine Amadi, Mrs. Onyekachi Orji and others in Onitsha Prison, Ndubuisi Okam, Uche Idikaigbo and others in Awka Prison. If they are not released; Nigeria will never know peace
Signed Major Nkuma (Enugu)

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