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September 15th 2017 

It's on record according to United Nations statistics Biafra Land also known as South Eastern part of Nigeria is the most peaceful part of Nigeria.
It's also on record despite all manner of human right abuses and extra judicial killing of unarmed IPOB peaceful agitators by Nigeria military and police forces with numerous virial undeniable evidence Ipob have never carry arm against Nigeria forces or against Nigeria citizens irrespective of his Ethnicity , Religion, or differ Opinion against our struggle in restoration of our mother land Biafra .

According to United Nations statistics ipob is the most largest mass movement and peaceful protesters that carried out protests in over 100 countries of the world without any record of violence.
It's is also on record that Nigerian Army under the command of dictatorial president Muhammadu Buhari came back from his health tourism and had what he called security briefing meeting with all his defense staffs and order them to crush non violence IPOB members who's only crime is to demand for a referendum for the people of Biafrans to decide whether to remain or exit this British forced union on our people called Nigeria.

Few days after this order the cheif of Army Staff General Burutai in collaborator with their agent they planted in South East as Governors, declared launching of operation PYTON DANCE II in 5 Igbo States in part of Biafra Land where are regarded as almost 95% peaceful
and lowest crime rate in Nigeria. On a mission to crush the peaceful IPOB members who are exercising their right for self determination peaceful through freedom of peaceful Movement, Assembly and Association and to assassinate the leader of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB ) Nnamdi kanu for his steadfastness in his quest to see that his people the Biafran people exit this fraud called Nigeria. Of course the show of force exercise in disguise to go against none existence Kidnappers, and non existence violence agitation were made manifest when on Sunday 10th September 2017 Nigeria military with armored tank and dozens load of millitary men armed to teeth invaded the house of the indigenous People Of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu shooting sporadically intimidating the village civilian popularce while approaching directly to the house of our leader Nnamdi Kanu on a mission if not for the resistance of the harmless ipob visitors who are on to our leader. While on the process they shot down three innocent members of ipob and injured several others including passerby 

While Biafrans are bitter licking their wounds mourning their dead, The blood thirsty happy triggers Nigeria military continue their operation show of shame terrorizing innocent Biafrans viral online video has shown how inhuman these military are, how they ambushed over 30 Biafran youths in a full Lorry load of Bus who are on their way to honor a call to their leader and rounded them up tortured them forcing them to drink mud water while flogging them to death.

It's on record that in time past between August 30, 2015 till present day even as am writing these report now, there are numerous videos on social media showing killing, torture and every kind of inhuman treatment by Nigeria military and police force against Biafra including video where Biafra in their hundreds assembled in a school field in national high school Aba praying to their God . While Nigerian Army invaded there and rounded them up and shot over 20 Biafrans dead . Forensic reports by amnesty international has it that between August 30, 2015 to December 2016 has it that over 150 IPOB peaceful protesters has been extra judicially killed by happy trigger blood thirsty Nigeria forces hence launching hash tag #Stopbiafrakilling .

Indigenous People Of Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu has severally taken our protests to register our grievances and alerting the international communities to almost every countries of the world on the atrocities being meted against the people of Biafra by Nigeria Government, and the need to call Nigeria government to order and compare them to tow the part of peace as it is legally done in every civilized world by conducting the legitimate demand of referendum by IPOB and their leader as the only way to democratically settle this dispute.

The big question is why the silence by United Nations, America, United kingdom , France , Germany, and other world powers ?
On the 20th of January 2017 on the day of Donald. J Trump inauguration as president of america, Biafra where happy that a man Biafrans in America voted for the man who understand what freedom is all about and supported the recent Briexit from European union is being sworn in as American president and as a number one President of the world , And Biafrans in their thousands flood out to the city of igwocha also know as (Port Harcourt ) Biafra land in a solidarity rally for president Trump. While Nigeria Government a protest against Trump in Lagos state western part of Nigeria, while they were protesting against Trump and being giving police escort ,the peaceful Biafrans on the opposite side in IGWOCHA Biafra land are being massacred by Nigeria military over 20 Biafrans were shot dead. mainstream media such as Yahoo news, BBC featured see link…/nigeria-arrests-65-pro-trump-rally-…,…/trump-rally-more-biafrans-b…
The question in the mind of all Biafrans is while the silent ? does it mean that Biafrans do not deserve freedom ? does it mean that freedom is only for BRIEXIT and not for BIAFREXIT ? Why the so much hate on Biafrans ? Why the open conspiracy against Biafrans ? Instead of comparing Nigeria Government under the genocidist Muhammedu Buhari to conduct a referendum for the peaceful people of Biafra to decide whether to stay or exit this fake union called Nigeria, USA under president Donald J Trump is busy equipping the arch genocidist Muhammedu Buhari with ammunition to continue the extermination of the entire Biafran race with genocide. Just imagining what the power of Bribe Money can do, where is the human conscience,? Where is UN, ICC, and what they represent ? does it mean that Muhammedu Buhari who was planted by British government to take care of the British company called Nigeria because of the resources coming from Biafra Land has successfully bought the value, mission of the so called United Nations ? just as it's very obvious that billions if not trillions of dollars has exchange hand between Nigeria Government and Trump Government and the one time most respected man called Donald J Trump who supported freedom and recognized the inalienable right for self determination of all nation is now speaking with both side of his mouth, Instead of lecturing Nigerian Government how a referendum is ingredient of democracy and how self determination is also inalienable right of all nation, and why a referendum is the the best peaceful and democratic way of settling dispute. He is trying hard to protect their economic interest in Biafra land through one Nigeria where Biafrans shall be subjected to perpetual slavery or exterminated in the face of the earth by Hausa/fulanis terrorists , so they and British can have a filled day in a resources from Biafra land. By approving the selling of ammunition to a country that is been indicted with clear and uncountable and non stoppable human right abuses. Ammunition that America couldn't approve under Goodluck jonathan .

And pretentiously lecturing Nigeria through Ambassador W. Stuart Symington on needless Strength in Diversity without a lecture on principle of democracy, what a hypocrisy. The question in the mind of all people of goodwill and justice advocates is if Muhamaad Ghadafi , Gbagbo, Charlstaylor etc can face ICC what stops the arrest of General Gowon ,Gen. Babangida , Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, President Mohamaadu Buhari , for crime against humanity ? Is it because biafrans do not deserve justice ?.

But we are here to disappoint the world because we have rejected slavery in all entirety and have sworn an oaths to restore our land under occupation by Hausa/fulanis or we all die, We have dedicated our lives to restore Biafra , we live we live for Biafra we die we die for Biafra we count it all gain, But what we shall not continue to endure is to die without a fight in the face of this obvious world conspiracy against the peaceful people of Biafra, We called on all people of goodwill and people of good conscience lovers of freedom all around the world to stand up against this injustice on Biafrans as we fight our way to freedom , permit me to end this article with the word of Martin Luther King Jr In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends  Martin Luther King Jr.

God bless the people of goodwill
God bless the lovers of freedom
God bless IPOB worldwide
God bless our leader Nnamdi Kanu
Above all God bless and restore Biafra .

Published /Edited by : Anyi Kings 
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