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I do not mean to undermine the Shi’a Muslim cleric and head of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement (IMN) but the fact remains that he allowed unfettered access from the same politicians who have kept him in his current state. Muhammadu Buhari and Nasir El-rufai solicited and paid homage to El Zakzaky in his home during their electioneering campaign and immediately they clinched the political power they desperately sought he was seen as a huge threat to them because of his outspokenness and ability to garner followers.
In December 2015, the murderous Nigeria Army raided his residence in Zaria, killed thousands of his followers, his sons were murdered, buildings and structures of the IMN were demolished and looted; Sheikh al-Zakzaky and his wife were fatally shot, arrested and still under detention in Abuja even with a valid court ordering for his release. His followers have protested peacefully but are continually brutalized by the Nigeria security forces.
The home of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was recently invaded by the Nigeria Army with a clear mission to assassinate him. The resistance by the security team and other able bodied Biafrans in the home of Nnamdi Kanu thwarted the plans of the soldiers who became frustrated and began to shoot directly into the residential area with live ammunition. This act of barbarism by the Nigeria Army resulted in the injuring of scores of Biafrans with bullets. The soldiers have now moved on to Aba road in Umuahia to mount a blockade, shooting sporadically in the bid to frighten the residents.
he spokesperson of the Army has released the usual statement of lies accusing those at the residence of the IPOB leader for trying to block the soldiers’ procession and show of force in the vicinity. This is the same fabrication used against El Zakzaky before his home was raided. Everyone who has been to the home of Nnamdi Kanu knows that his neighborhood is very calm and quiet, devoid of any form of violence or restriction of people’s movement or businesses.

Video evidence clearly shows that the Nigeria Army ambushed the road and street leading to the home of Nnamdi Kanu with Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) mounted with RPG and also with several Hilux vans containing combat ready soldiers for guerilla warfare. The plan was to instigate a clash with members of IPOB in order to tag them terrorists and then abduct Nnamdi Kanu for assassination. The plan failed woefully because as they continued to shoot, Biafrans resisted them without carrying carry guns or shooting a single bullet.

The Nigeria Army has surely confirmed the views of many that the commencement of the “Operation Python Dance 2” is purposely for the massacre of the people of Biafra. While the Nigeria soldiers are shooting down innocent and defenseless Biafrans in the South East, undeterred BokoHaram terrorists are invading IDP camps shooting defenseless citizens, killing soldiers and destroying Nigeria jet fighters. Muhammadu Buhari and the cabal in government have jettisoned the fight against terrorism and have declared a total war on the people of Biafra seeking the right to Self-determination as enshrined in the UN Charter.
The right to Self-determination is inalienable and the call for referendum is in no way a call for war but the most civilized form of settling a dispute. Unsurprised, the brides of the northern Islamic caliphate- the South East governors have remained silent while the federal government continues to militarize the region but they should not forget so quickly that they are also not safe from whatever destruction that will follow.
Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Burutai is still in euphoria over the successful invasion and destruction of the home of El Zakzaky and strongly believes he can replicate same against Nnamdi Kanu. Burutai should know that those behind the IPOB leader are better sophisticated and intelligent than BokoHaram which he and his battalions of men have not been able to tame. For the record, if any harm befalls Nnamdi Kanu, the Nigeria government should be prepared for the radicalization of the already tensed populace including personnel of the Nigeria armed forces. Muhammadu Buhari must not be allowed to instigate a crisis that will surely overwhelm him and his Hausa/Fulani Muslim stock soldiers.

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