Biafra: [Invasion Of Kanu's Home By The Nigerian Military]: A Big Question Mark On The Lives Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra And Her Leadership; The Fate Of A Dying Nigeria State And The Grave Silence Of United Nations

Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
September 12, 2017

In impostor Mohammadu Buhari on arrival to the shores of British created Nigeria from medical tourism he went for in the United Kingdom, came back and made a callous, unpatriotic, unintelligent, undemocratic and a brute remark on the state of a dying Nigeria state; from the address it was noted that he belittled the so called Nigerians and channel all his might and threats to make sure he clamp-down on Indigenous People of Biafra and their peaceful quest for self-determination.

While the sick President of the failed Nigeria state was away on medical trips; the people of his ethnicity stock of Arewa youths drafted a quit notice order to the Biafrans residents in the Northern space of the Mohammedian emirate of the North, followed by the genocidal audio tape mandating their people to kill the Biafrans once the quit notice order elapsed. This the youths bragged got the blessings and back-up  of their elders, the political class and their religious leaders.

It was not seen, mentioned nor receive condemnation in the President's state address to the people of Nigeria; the Arewa youths went further to demand that Nnamdi Kanu be re-arrested  as a gift to make them repeal their threats on the lives of Biafrans living in the Northern geo-political space of Nigeria. Then what we saw next was the plea by the Federal Government to the court to revoke the bail granted to the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra to which the court turned down the Federal Government's request on the sole reason that Nnamdi Kanu the accused has not violated any law nor conditions attached to his bail; this we perceived did not go down well with the Nigeria Government hence Mohammadu Buhari resorted to his earlier threat on clamping down on Biafra agitators.

The quandary Nigeria State with her inebriated Military force had series of closed meetings where it was resolved that hence the United States of America deliver their shipments of war armaments will be forced to use it on the rising agitation in the old Eastern region of Nigeria for Biafra. Recalled that that in procuring these war hardwares, Nigeria Government told American Government it will be used against the Boko  Haram insurgents but it is now crystal clear to the world that Nigerian Government lied to the American Government in other to secure war armaments to be used against the peaceful Biafrans.

It is not a hearsay information but an authenticated news that on the 7th of September 2017, at Army Headquarters Conference Room; the Nigerian Military force had a press briefing for the commencement of exercise operation tagged Egwu Eke II dance in Biafra land. The key note briefing was delivered by DD Ahmadu, Chief of Training and Operations of the Nigerian Army on-behalf of Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Burutai; in the note highlighted the Nigeria Government area of interest as: Anti-kidnapping drills, road blocks, Check points and show of force against violent criminals and agitations as a precursor to a peaceful ember period and yuletide; this is a war declared in a misinterpretation form to mean another thing. Even before the open press briefing the Nigerian Military has already drafted their men to Biafra land to harass and intimidate the Biafrans as a parlance for repression.

The unnecessary Military confrontations in Biafra land since the Chief of Army Staff and his principal Mohammadu Buhari declared a cold war on Biafrans has been on the increase starting with the invasion of Nnamdi Kanu's home by the Boko Haram terrorists in Army uniform; this depicts that Nigeria is not a safe place for human habitation but that of animals; Nigeria is far seen from a modest and sane society since she promote and uphold inequality and injustices of all forms.

With dismay Biafra reporters confronts the docility idea of this men in uniform with their pens as credible journalists. What happened at Nnamdi Kanu's home town is not randomly seen elsewhere that the Nigerian Military will take war to the civilian populated area to shoot and have a test run of their war armaments rather it was viewed that the sole aim of this shameful act employed by the Nigerian Military was to intimidate and kill unarmed Biafran civilians who has identified with Nnamdi Kanu.

From the pictures of events that took place within this short period of Nigerian Military deployment in the old Eastern region was an attempted murder on the life of IPOB leader which failed and led to the untimely death of three of his followers and many others wounded for repelling the Military from carrying out this assassination attempt on Kanu's life; the Nigerian Military in their unapologetic and brazen manner of living in fictitious denials, denied embarking on such move as was credited to Major Oyegoke Gbadamosi Assistant Director Army Public Relations 14 Brigade Nigerian Army with prevailing evidence that abounds that the Nigerian Military are guilty as charged for this crimes against humanity.

The Nigerian Police Force in their crude report; reported that the said Military invasion on Nnamdi Kanu's residence was just to have a test run of their war armaments in Afara Ibeku, Umuahia the home town of the young Prince Nnamdi Kanu Okwu's. The Nigerian Police Force failed to tell us and enlighten the general public what the Military were doing in a non-war zone populated by the civilians that warranted the Nigerian Military to check-mate or test-run their war armaments that caused the lives of those unarmed civilians shot dead. What were the Nigerian Caliphate foot soldiers doing at Nnamdi Kanu's home that met a repelling force of same magnitude that pushed them to kill and receded from the crime scene back to their base?

As gentle men of the press; we have questioned and wondered using every sense of discernment; rational and logical reasoning to know or ask when has the home of His Royal Majesty Eze Okwu Kanu turned to a Military barrack or desolated desert where the Nigerian Military can test-run their war armaments? Why the Nigerian Military kill unruly with impunity wants the public to believe another lies backing up the motives behind their evil and atrocious acts against humanity? With this misguided and disjointed press statements coming from the Nigerian Military and her Police you can at least see a set of confused Armed forces formation in Nigeria.

The United Nations should bury their heads in shame for her grave silence over the unnecessary killings and threat of genocide to people who uphold and believe firmly in her Charter for the Indigenous People of the world; Is the United Nations silence borne out of racial discrimination and the supremacy of the white men over the black race all over the world? Is the UN indirectly or directly telling us that Biafrans are the real animals therefore deserved to be killed on little or no provocations. The grave silence of the United Nations over Biafra and Nigeria tussle has to be challenged and questioned; self-defense will not be a mistaken approach since the Biafrans has perceived the grave silence of the world on them, the time is right for the United Nations to re-write their wrongs right.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Reach Chinwe for your articles via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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