By Henry Igwe Ogbudimkpa
September 06, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader, during his first appearance in court
I first listened to Radio Biafra in 2014 which was recommended to me by my friend during a Shabbath worship. He told me how this young man is preaching about Biafra restoration and even teaching the Igbos the 10 commandments written in the scriptures. I shook my head in disbelieve. I pondered for a while and asked him whether this isnt Raph Uwazurike all over again. He gave me that assurance that this was different. With my little faith I went home that day and tuned in my small radio to have a glimpse of what this man really Is.

That was Saturday's night after worship. I listened extensively to his evening broadcast. His lecture that evening was as usual vented on the politicians. He used derogotery words to describe them. That was during GEJ ' S regime. He spared no one including his own Igbos. He was very blunt, direct and uncouth. But I was swept aside by his great teachings about Biafra. In one of his broadcasts, he gave out about over 200 Biafra ethnic groups which letter starts with 'I'. Igbo, Ikwerre, Idoma, Ika, Ibibio and a host of them. Hmmm... and many more. He was intellectually endowed which blew me away. He was factual and historic in his lectures. It was from him that I learned that Biafra was in existence as of 1880 long before the amalgamation of Nigeria. These he was hammering day and night and you could sense the effort and stress it took him.

I became an ardent listener of his program.

Then, came Buhari as he won the 2015 presidential election. When he won, Nnamdi Kanu announced on radio that it was time he came down and face the beast. He embarked on a world tour seeking for assurances from Biafrans in diaspora.

After the tour, he announced his arrival date and he made a very smart statement. He said 'I will come down to the zoo and they will act like the zoo and arrest me then I will shred them to pieces'.

I never knew the weight of what he meant. I said, is he vying for war? I was keen to know his strategy.

Kanu knows that arresting him can only boast his global aim to have the credence to speak about Biafra. He came down and was arrested. Nigerians rejoiced that the beast has been tamed never did they know it was a grand plan and a strategic way to ground them.

During the 2015 presidential media chat, President  Buhari swore never to release him. Simply because he imported sophisticated weapon in the name of RADIO BIAFRA. That was the point I knew Kanu is on his way to victory. Seriously, radio Biafra a sophisticated weapon to warrant a treasonable felony charge? Hahahahahha

The process began. He was under DSS custody for 3 months. Tortured and left to denounce Biafra but he stood his ground. Caged with no food and under the worst situation not suitable for even any convicted ISIS members. A reliable source said he often passed out but was revived. Yet he stood his ground. 3 months he was there. Twice the court released him unconditionally yet FG refused to release him.

There they were making a Legend.

Finally, after 18 months of incarceration, victory was forced at long last as he regained his freedom under the most severe and ridiculous bail conditions known to mankind which goes against his human rights.

I knew they were dead on arrival because Kanu we know will not subscribe to such nonsense!

Now I ask, between Kanu and Nigeria who is guilty? When you say he should be Re-arrest ed, what are your basis? The world will ask, where did you get such bail conditions from? From which constitution? The man has no case rather he has case against the FG for violating his human rights.

This is a man that has not picked up arms or killed anyone nor has IPOB picked up arms despite been killed by the Nigerian forces. Imagine what will happen when these guys picks up arms? That is why Re-arresting Kanu is pushing them to the wall and they will be justified to pick up arms.

Fact is, the biggest weapon Kanu has is his TONGUE and he has succeeded in giving the FULANI oligarchy a run for their money and given his people their voices back.

You may be against his approach but this, has worked wonders and for me, it has shaken the foundation of this contraption called Nigeria.

Ojukwu did his best. But the time for guns and weapons have long gone, now is Intellectual battle which Kanu has successfully outwitted and paralysed Buhari and his cohort to pieces.

Apartheid fell in South Africa without a gun shot anchored by the Great Nelson Mandela. Ghandi used civil disobedience to drive home his message in India. King Luther Jnr fought America using his tongue and civil disobedience to drive home his messages and today, all he fought for were achieved without a gun shot.

Kanu is using this strategy.which has rendered Nigeria helpless. The more you try to fight him you fall more. In all his speeches, he uses provocative words to provoke Nigeria to act and fall even deeper into his trap. The man is a master of mind games just like the great Alex Ferguson of Manchester United.

Before you attack Nnamdi Kanu that he's seen as a SUPREME LEADER, PLEASE endeavour to shake Nigeria without a gun shot. Then we will take you serious.
Go to Nigerian court and call Buhari a 'mad man' and see if you survive.

Every accolade accorded to Nnamdi kanu is well deserved including kissing his feet. If you've any problem with that then challenge the FULANI supremacy and come back alive.

Kanu is now a pain on the scrotum of Buhari and FULANI oligarchy which you do not know whether to hit or treat carefully.

He has earned my respect and restored our lost voices.

If only there's another Nnamdi Kanu in the South West using this same strategy then I assure you that Nigeria will be gone in one month. He's fighting for all and for our freedom to better our lives and leave this cage called Nigeria.

I pray God gives him the wisdom to lead us to the promise land and never deviate from God's purpose.

God bless Nnamdi Kanu! All hail Biafra!

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