Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke For (TBP)
26 August 2017

Every sane mind will take Ota Pia-Pia with him to Abuja because it is no longer a thing of play; God will fight for the people of Biafra, it is a pity that even a provocation by rodents can lead to their crushing. God will not allow his children to be extinguished; the power of God of Moses is greater than that of Baal. Buhari can kill as many as he wants but he cannot be Hitler; he can destroy as many bodies as possible but he cannot destroy a soul. He can eat up the lives of the people of Biafra as rodents ate up the furniture in his office but 
 in the end, Biafra shall stand and still have citizens therein” 

While the likes of Reuben Abati and Femi-Fani Kayode are pouring in; I am shedding tears- what rodents have done to my people- Buhari would not employ hunters to hunt down rodents in Aso Rock but would heap the anger of what rodents have done to his office on my people. Biafrans are species of terror and that is why Mohammed was drawn in a tattoo raping a teenager in far away Indonesia; Hausa/Fulanis raise their swords to retaliate on my people.

 Reuben Abati had called for hunters and people breeding cats; they must be patriots by taking their cats and arrows to Aso Rock. There is fear that the rodents in Aso Rock might even attack the cats- everything is possible hence the rats could chase a president of a country out of his office. On the other hand; Fami-Fani Kayode believes that the rodents that chased a dictator out of his office is only a spiritual message that interprets- it was time to leave. Sadly; my own story is different, I would not hunt or interpret the occurrence, but tears belong to me, for the sake of those rodents, Buhari has ordered my people to be crushed. 
 Recall that as soon as Buhari came back and learned that his office has been crushed by rodents; he angrily called a meeting of service chiefs in his home and ordered them to crush IPOB as those rodents crushed his office. I am ready to teach those rodents lesson to calm Buhari’s anger if only he would give me assess to Aso Rock- I am even ready to risk lassa fever- whatsoever it takes, I will crush those rodents. I will take the risk that Muhammadu Buhari may withdraw his marching order against my people. I know very much that he wants to retaliate what those rodents did to him on the people of Biafra.

 It is not a new thing; my people always suffer because they are slaves, any little provocation from anywhere, my people are used for appeasement. What have we done to those rats? People were laughing and mocking; nobody knew that what those rats did will cause human casualties. My people were even laughing and mocking until there was a marching order for them to be crushed as rodents crashed the office of the tribal and religious president of Nigeria- Muhammadu Buhari. 

 Buhari should know that the world is a little space; he was in prison some years ago but now on the seat of power, Hitler was once like him but now gone and to the pit of hell, the more you kill, the more burden you accrue for yourself in after-life. What about the soldiers given order to crush IPOB reversing it to crush the rodents in Aso Rock? What has IPOB done that they suddenly warrant crushing; did IPOB cause the invasion of the rodents? Did IPOB cause your ill health; what did the doctors say, HBP, fear or cardiac arrest? The soldiers should rather crush rodents in your office and spare peaceful people like IPOB who neither contributed to the invasion by rodents.

Nobody would talk; not even those political jobbers and Biafra land senators- for the sake of the action of rodents, Muhammadu Buhari has listed us for extermination. He has angrily labeled unarmed people of Biafra Boko Haram and urged his soldiers to destroy them. The law has no binding any longer; only AK47 being carried by Hausa/Fulani soldiers binds. This time around is not arrest and detention and neither is it about rule of engagement- it is purely about destruction, ‘destroy IPOB’ was Buhari’s choice of words. Those rodents mercilessly destroyed his office and so shall Buhari’s soldiers mercilessly destroy the people of Biafra. 

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