By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
August 18, 2017

I am really confused but at the same time surprised that the commissioner of Police did not find out where the purported drug war that led to the death of a policeman and a civilian in Assemblies of God Church Onitsha came from. The commissioner claimed that Ozubulu terrorist attack is a drug war- suddenly the drug war may have spilled into Onitsha but he is yet to know if it is the same terrorist-drug cartel that attacked Ozubulu Church failed in their mission to attack Onitsha church.

The commissioner of police and the Government of Nigeria can save tax payers money which they often use to buy main stream news syndicates. I was told they have bought some and suddenly the report is changing- instead of clearly report the failed Assemblies of God terrorist attack, they are reporting that police patrol team were attacked near a church.

Good; their main stream media reported attack near church this time but last time reported drug war; I am very certain that the writer of the news wrote from the comfort of his office, but for someone like me that stormed the venue an hour after the attack, I can tell the truth of what happened. And because I don’t fear whipping up ethnic tension or religious tension, I am poised to save lives and not sacrifice lives to save this fragile country - I will tell you nothing but the truth.

There is a terrorist invasion of Biafra land; Anambra state is just the preamble, they will test run Anambra and if they succeed, they will extend to other parts and this is why we must fight tooth and nail to make sure this terrorism is nipped in the bud. For how long can they continue to lie that each attack is one issue or another?

Gunmen don’t attack police without a target; police is always attacked because they obstruct target- that is Nigerian illegal armed men for you, the police was attacked because they obstructed the attackers’ target which is the church and the worshippers. Let me also make it clear that the police patrol van attacked was primarily stationed to guard the Assemblies of God church. When the terrorists stormed the church; they met the police and opened fire on them, there was no time to go into the church and the unlucky civilian at sight was gunned down.

Punch news paper had reported exactly what happened but there was the need to fine tune the report; make it more friendly and that was when the report of ‘near a church’ surfaced. Anambra state commissioner of police admitted the attack but refused to tag it what it really is. The beginning of terrorist attack in Eastern region was Ozubulu attack but it was tagged drug war which quickly shielded investigation. There was no need to investigate the terrorist attack as it has already been deceitfully established that it was a drug war from South Africa.

Now there is another terrorist attack at Assemblies of God church Onitsha and the commissioner has not told us where this yet another drug war came from. The nick name of terrorist attack in Biafra land is now drug war so we urge the commissioner and the government to tell us where the ‘drug war’ attack that was foiled at Assemblies of God church came from.

There are many countries drug businesses boom; the likes of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Columbia and there are known Onitsha sons that deal on drugs. The commissioner of police should quickly find out the drug pushers in Onitsha and tell us where their own feud started. Every drug baron is exposed to one problem or another and they involve guns; they kill and they are niggers. According to the commissioner of police; after their businesses in their host countries, they come back to their communities and start killing worshippers. One unique thing about these drug pushers known by the commissioner of police and Nigerian government is - they don’t kill themselves, and they don’t kill on the road but kill only worshippers inside their churches.

I strongly believe that this foiled terrorist attack at Assemblies of God church Onitsha is a drug war from Malaysia between Charles Ogbu and Russel Bluejack. Don’t doubt me for a minute because I know these men; Russell Bluejack came to assassinate Charles Ogbu at Assemblies of God church because he got information that Charles Ogbu was in town and the attackers saw one red car belonging to Charles parked in the church. They stormed the church to kill Charles but police team was stationed there - knowing they would be engaged, the attackers first attacked the police team and the worshipers were saved.

I urge the police and people of Onitsha to be calm because the perpetrators will be brought to book- they will face the full wrath of the law. They will kill and continue to attack your churches everyday but one day is for the owner of the house of God. It is callous that instead of these two men to face their drug feud in Malaysia, they came here to kill innocent worshippers.
As for me; I have stopped going to church and will soon face mosque which is safer.


Note: don't get this piece twisted for Nigeria and its compromised media are "fantastically corrupt" that they can put up any news to fool their people!

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