18 August 2017
written by Anyi Kings for TBP 
OSIBANJO if hate speech is Terrorism
What is Terrorism?

If a lawful universal recognized peaceful agitation for a self determination  by Ipob led by maazi Nnamdi Kanu that is under united nation charter and Domesticated in Nigeria 199 constitution, is terrorism.
What is the intended setting of a parallel Government by APC in event of electoral fraud  ?
If Indigenous people  of biafra (IPOB) under her supreme leader maazi Nnamdi Kanu 's adoption of civil disobedience to pressure further  for a united nations supervised Referendum as a democratic means to determine their political faith in this failed union called Nigeria
 , is a call for war or hate speech ;

What is Arewa youths quits order to igbos in their region is ? Is that quit order love speech or Unity speech ?

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