By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
August 29, 2017

“Musa; you are mad, I cannot imagine the shame and disgrace you brought upon us”
“What shame and disgrace?”
“Kai; go for internet, kai facebook, kai twitter, kai instagram, kai 2go, kai everywhere”
“Kai what happened everywhere?”
“Hausa/Fulani are cowards. Insult and derogatory comments, trending via internet”

“Why insult and derogatory comments, who and who did that?”
“We suspended quit notice after much noise; after the genocide song Aisha composed, oh! am ashamed”
“There is a reason for this withdrawal; the quit notice cannot stand”
“But their abuse can stand; I have sharpened my sword to take their heads, they are idiots, they should go to South and continue their Biafraud madness. After killing them here; we will kill them in their land like before, they never learned a lesson”

“We wanted to achieve something with the quit notice and not essentially to kill them all; after all, our Boko and Herdsmen are taking enough of our own pound of flesh”
“Kai Musa; so you made us cowards, when you made the declaration in Kaduna, I thought we were serious, so you wanted to achieve something, now what have you achieved?”

“You must use your brain; don’t always be a free-flow man, if you so much want to kill them, join our herdsmen or join Boko, they are our foot-soldiers. You don’t expect us to officially start killing them; their killing remains strategic. I have not made you all cowards; I wanted to achieve something”
“Achieve something; achieve something, what have you achieved?”

“Firstly; are you aware that our cultural leaders, elders and political leaders endorsed or are behind the quit notice? Since that small boy Nnamdi Kanu began his agitation; he succeeded in corrupting the mind of the world that we contribute nothing to the federation. He opened our nyash that we live on their oil and there is nothing more we are good at. His hate speech was so strong that the world began to see North as incapacitated people that live on the sweat or grace of the South. Everybody is talking about division and it looks like we are the only ones wanting Nigeria. We decided to give quit notice to bring relevance; to show that we give South a lifeline, to show that we contribute space and make business going, to show our space contributes to the economy of the federation. We needed to show that we want or can be on our own; when we make the claim, we have achieved something and withdrawing it is strategic”

“And this story is all you got to tell me?”
“What else do you want; don’t you know that it is suicide to allow these people to quit this region, how do we cope with things, whom do you kill when Mohammed is ridiculed, Jihad, will you ever carry out jihad? You want this people out of this region; won’t it help them get this Biafra that will finally strangulate us?”
“I don’t believe in Biafra strangulation; we can cultivate onions, ground nut and all our farm produce can sustain us”

“So you want to use farming, onions, groundnut and others as major economy; you export them as you export oil and then you come back and get British attention, USA attention etc? You are very foolish; how many of you can farm? How many of your brothers are beggars? See I don’t want to wash our dirty linen in the public. We need that their oil as much as we need breath; that their oil is the reason you are relevant”

“I don’t like insult; is begging not part of our culture? Alhaji Tanko gets enough money, we beg him and he releases some to his loving brothers. But I want to ask; now those militant fools have given our people quit notice as well?”

“Don’t worry; Baba will arrest them and send troops to their region. We continue to kill them till they are no more and we take over their oil”

“Sai Baba, Sai Baba, nobody can be like Baba, we will destroy this country if anything happens to Baba”
“Yes; you can say that again, we own Nigeria and won’t take any rubbish, Baba will arrest that Nnamdi Kanu,  make sure that everything is ok”

“But Baba should also arrest Yerima to cover up things; at least; two days to look as if Baba is not one sided and to help us keep going without disturbance. Baba knows Yerima first ordered a quit”
“Yerima gave Baba 95% votes and Kanu gave him 0% while Militants gave him 5%; Baba is wise and Yerima is no-go-area, North is sacrosanct “

“Thank you Musa; I dey your back. No quit notice again but my sword is waiting”
“Yes keep it sharp”
“But they refused the quit notice withdrawal?”

“IPOB said no but others accepted and thanked us; we will deal with that IPOB for standing in our ways”
“Yes; deal with that Biafraud for always trying to stop and expose our plans”

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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