17 August 2017

Few weeks ago, it was reported that obiano has issued a warning to all civil servants in the state to submit the photocopy of their voters card and the process has been ongoing till date.

Today, I got a call from a relative of mine who is a bus driver in one of the major parks in anambra. He rightly informed me that he didn't go to work today because there is an order from the authorities that be, instructing all drivers to submit their voters card out of their wish or lose picking tickets to load in that park. 

This information is live and direct and their is no atom of lie or fallacy in the report. The world must understand that this government is head bent on bending the laws of the land

They are much aware that surely people will obey the instruction from ipob and sit at home on 18th November. So therefore they have resulted to using all means possible to force their will on the people..

 Nobody can tamper with our resoluteness, whatever they do, the world should be aware that they manipulated the will of the people. Odirachinma Ezeobi Reporting from Anambra on Behalf of Biafra Reporters.

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