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The BBC news headline titled "Nigeria's Igbo leaders reject call for Biafra state" is a testament that the Nigeria government and its northern cabal are excited over the decision made by so called Igbo leaders in a meeting at Nike Lake Resort, Enugu. Under pressure, frightned and mostly out of greed, these men have ignore the desire of the people they claim to lead to champion their personal political cause.

It is not surprising that the Hausa/Fulani youths are planning to renege on the hate-filled eviction notice given to Biafrans in the north region. The Igbo men without consulting with the people have decided to clamour for restructuring. The republican nature of Biafrans allows them to make their choice but they must allow the people to make theirs without interference.

It is sad that the communique of the jamboree in Enugu was silent on the killing of innocent and peaceful Biafrans seeking their right to self-determination. Those men who ought to be representing the interest of their people have focused on slandering Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB while feigning deaf to the outburst by the chairman of Nigeria's governing party, All Progressive Congress, APC. The APC chairman, Odigie Oyegun, has explicitly stated that his party will not accept any form of restructuring of Nigeria. Rather than concentrate on convincing their feudal masters on the need to accept dialogue and diplomacy, they are quick to satisfy their master's desire to reject and deny the struggle for the restoration of Biafra.

From the onset of the quest for self-determination anchored by IPOB, the so called Igbo leaders and elites have stood in opposition and their recent decision should not worry anyone. Even the pretence of been on the side of the people was exposed as the call for boycott of Nigeria elections jolted most of them out of their hypocrisy.

The stooges who call themselves leaders but with no followership have the right to make their choice and the worst they could do is to collaborate with the northern cabal to continue to kill the Biafran people and to undermine the struggle. The Indigenous People of Biafra have come this far without the support of those sold out Igbo leaders and elites and will surely overcome their latest evil antics.

Now that Ohaneze Ndigbo, the Southeast governors and others have satisfied the order given by Hausa/Fulani youths and elders to reject those clamouring for the restoration of Biafra. I implore them to come back to their various constituencies to ascertain the choice of their people. This is time to test their relevancy to the people they want to forcefully lead instead of organising several jamborees that does not add any form of value to the lives of the Igbo people.

Few cowards and lost souls claiming Igbo leaders and elites will not be able to stifle the desire of millions of Igbo people who are fed up with the forced union orchestrated by British Fredrick Lugard. Before it becomes too late, I urge those political robbers to retrace their steps and understand they are standing alone in their choice of "One Nigeria ". The invitation given to them by Acting Vice President Yemi Osibanjo seems to have gotten over their heads and makes them feel relevant but they are unwise. They forgot so soon it is the clamour for self-determination by Biafrans that got them access to Ask Rock.

The self-styled Igbo leaders have rejected Biafra but the Igbo people have not rejected Biafra. If they doubt me, they should be civil and ask for a referendum.The religious, political and traditional leaders of Igbo stock can pledge their support to a "united Nigeria" but must not force their ambitions on the people.

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