BIAFRA: The Genesis of hate speeches by Nigeria Islamic founding fathers against Biafra and the hate policy of Buhari /APC Gov't and it's Results - Part 3

By Anyi King - TBP
July 12, 2017

Almadu Bello; Saudana of Sokoto
The anti IGBO (Biafra) resolution reached and passed  by the Northern region House of Assembly between February and March 1964 and the declaration of Sauduna of Sokoto Sir Ahmadu Bello on October 12 1960 immeadatly after independence.
As stated in part 1 and 2 of this article; it's a clear indication that the Northerners do not just have a natural hatred towards Igbo (Biafrans) but they also do not want to coexist with Biafran as we are culturally different and religiously they see Biafrans as infidel that do not deserve to live.

But the economic interest that Britain has in Biafra land is what actually made the British to collaborate with these Hausa/Fulanis to insist on fake unity with Biafra as British promised them political and military surport in retaining one fraudulent Nigeria. In confirmation of this very indisputable reality and underluted truth is the pre- civil war massacre of Ndigbo (Biafra) by Hausa/Fulanis and Yorubas in Kaduna. On this occasion there were a protest; while they were carrying out the artrocities against Biafrans, they were calling for araba araba - which means session session.

Following the call for session Lt Col Yakubu Gowon Said and I quote; "There is no basis for Nigeria unity which has been so badly rocked, not once but several times" - Lt Col Yakubu Gowon August 3,  1966.

Therefore its obvious that contrary to the insinuation that the war declared against Biafrans was for unity of the country, it's false as unity can't be achieved by force because any forced unity is called slavery .

The truth of the matter is that the genocidal war that was waged against Biafrans in collaboration with Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba oligarchy was born out of economic interests of Britain and other world super powers; and out of natural hatred against Biafran people of which still very actively on the reign today.

If not natural hatred, what can be more hateful than the British strategies of land, air and sea blockade used by Nigeria government, approved by the Finance Minister of Nigeria; a Yoruba civilian political father; Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He was  responsible for the starvation of millions of innocent men, woman and mostly children of Biafrans who died of kwashiorkor due to his policy; which supposed to have been a war crime against humanity. History has it he went about bragging of it;


The war ended following the surrender of Biafra Millitary force after 30 months war of survival. And biafrans were being reintegrated into Nigeria as one country. There was a mouth watery declaration of no victor no vanguish and reconciliation rehabilation and reconstruction agreement but 50 years today counting Biafran never had any.  And that was the beginnings of reformation of haterd as there was introduction of 20 pounds policy to every Biafran that have money in the bank no matter how much millions, thousands of pounds you deposited. And the rest was history.

Since the creation of Nigeria by British Fredric Lugard until the so-called  independence rule by Nigeria, Biafrans have always been positioned as a third class citizens out of hatred. The force unity of today one Nigeria is never born out of love but out of economic intrerest of the rich natural resources in Biafra land.

Biafra being forced as one Nigeria is only because of the rich mineral resources in Biafra land.

To further their evil plan in total annihilation of Biafrans the northern Islamic ruling class under the retired general Ibrahim Badamosi Babagida went ahead without the respect of Biafran faith, religion and culture which is 100% jewdeo / Christian religion; and handed the whole country supposedly a secular country and registered it as a member nation of OIC Organization of Islamic cooperation in January 1986 .

Nigeria became the 46th member state of OIC. The chief of staff supreme headquarters, Commodore Ebitu Okoh Ukiwe, a Biafran from Abriba in Abia state was removed from his post as chief of staff supreme headquarters by Babagida, because Ukiwe was opposed to the registration of Nigeria a secular country as OIC membership.

It's always laughable that despite these series of uncountable age-long injustice, hatred and conspiracy against the Biafran people from both the British colonial masters to Hausa/Fulanis and Yoruba oligarchy being perpetrated against the great people of Biafra, the collaborators will always turn around to insinuate that INDIGBO the (BIAFRANS ) are a threat to national unity. They concort all lies against Biafrans out of envy and jelousy. They will always cite the 1966 coup which they decietfully tagged Igbo coup even when every available facts has always proven that the coup was a collective decision by young military officers from all components of the nation which includes Northern, Western and Eastern regions of the country.

History has always vindicated the Biafrans that even in event where there was no coup, that wouldn't have stop the pre civil war pogrom, as it is an age-long planned resolution to be executed as passed by   NORTHERN REGION HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY as already stated in part two of this very article,

Stay tuned for part four for the mother of all hate speeches and policies by APC & BUHARI Government against Biafrans. And why Biafra has taken their final stand for the restoration of their nation Biafra as the only option for survival.

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  1. They never liked us and we want to leave their devilish British Nigeria and they are crying. I don' understand them but beloved Biafra nation must leave. Biafra or death.