By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 13, 2017

The most stupid call I have ever heard was the one made by Obasanjo the culprit of this agitation, urging Nigerians to stop Nnamdi Kanu. Few Nigerians might have as well made such call or supported that call but they must be extremely careful. Nnamdi Kanu is no longer a singular name but plural one; Nigeria had the chance to stop him but instead helped him saturate the Biafra populace. Go to Rivers, Delta, Anambra, Enugu, you will see Nnamdi Kanu everywhere. If stopping Nnamdi Kanu amounts to stopping Biafra populace he has influenced; Nigeria must be very careful and know he has gone beyond stopping.

I was one of the journalists invited alongside AFP Reporters to witness Biafra Veterans visit to Nnamdi Kanu - waiting patiently for their leader, singing war songs, on a high spirit and eagerly overwhelming. As I was observantly watching them; the real lion king of Biafra walked on out from a story building beside an old structure, trailed by his parents and personal body guards, and the veterans were screaming and eulogizing him. As young as he is; they never gave it a second thought but almost shed tears for setting their eyes on him for the first time. With this level of emotion; what is our fate if anything happens to their leader?

I have not been apt to be invited to where Biafrans gathered with him, but I have watched the videos of every gathering, thanks to Okonkwo Somto of Family Writers who has distinguished himself a good video journalist. Enthusiastically watching unprecedented crowd cry and yearn unto him to give them Biafra. Watching millions of strong, rich, hefty men and women scampering to see him or even touch him; singing songs like ‘Holy, holy, Nnamdi Kanu is another savior’ I asked what if he leads these fanatics into battle if his civil approach remain opposed by Nigeria? Leading from the front; they would never allow anything happen to him but die with him where ever the battle takes him.

The first ‘savior’ Ojukwu failed to save them, and today Ojukwu reincarnated to finally save them from slavery. There was fraudulent Uwazurike; but everything has passed as the future looks brighter with this their last ‘savior’ Nnamdi Kanu. All my life; I have never seen such fanatics and they are ready to carry out each and every single order from their leader. What actually brought Nnamdi Kanu to this level?

I have investigated and realized that he don’t pay a dime to anyone to come; no politician has pulled such crowd in African continent even with all his money. Nnamdi Kanu has no car and neither has he a house; he is not an entertainer neither is he a star but people carry out his command to death. He has created soldiers but refused to arm them. It takes a soldier to die under the command of his commander saving his nation or fighting for his nation. Like they died in Onitsha, Aba, Asaba, Porthacourt saving or fighting for their nation. But in everything; Nnamdi Kanu first gave his life and taught his people how to die for their nation.

It is said that journalism drives the mindset of a country or nation; thus journalists become pivotal to nation building, decision making and policy enactment. The ability to penetrate the public; lift or galvanize a nation is the primary responsibility of a journalist. When a situation occurs; it is also the responsibility of a sound journalist to investigate and come up with thesis, opinions and facts on how the situation can be handled.

In 2012 when Nnamdi Kanu started championing the agitation for the restoration of Biafra; many Nigerian journalists passionately viewed the cause as a mere rhetoric instead of dispassionately handle it. From all corners of the country came attack and call for his head. Some that tried to reason only urged the people to neglect him; hence Muhammadu Buhari picked him up and locked him.

When Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in 2015; there was a wave of victory oozing from the creed of the Nigerian journalists; urging Muhammadu Buhari to hang him, deal with him and give him life imprisonment. Shortly; the table turned against them and Muhammadu Buhari takes all the blame for arresting Nnamdi Kanu and unwittingly helped his agitation.

The action was like throwing a raw gold into a furnace to be refined; the period of Kanu’s incarceration, threat to his life, lobby and effort to bribe him was only a process of refinement. He endured the test; the torture at DSS detention facility. His life was on the line but he carried on and gave it away but only to have it back.

He has been refined and now shinning like a diamond in the sky; he attracts everything pleasing and expensive. He is the Biafra they know and can see; he is that Biafra 3.5 million people died for, he is that Biafra Biafrans are ready to die for, he is that Biafra that will suffer more in the hands of Britain, and he is that Biafra that would emerge a glorious nation all to the glory of God.

Nnamdi Kanu has stolen the heart of over 70 million population of Biafra; he deserves to be treated with caution. He has become an institution by virtue of the millions of Biafra population that believe in him and work with him towards restoring Biafra. He deserves to be feared because he is a time bomb waiting to explode. He deserves to be feared because he commands and control Biafran populace. He deserves to be feared because he is a spark plug. He deserves to be feared because he can turn Nigeria upside down. There is no way such man can be stopped as stopping him will be suicidal or condemnation.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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