By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 10, 2017

In 1967; on a mission for crude oil, Britain masterminded a civil war in Nigeria that was termed genocide after the world realized over 3.5 million people had been lost. Three years was enough to execute the genocide and played on the pride of the people of Biafra by declaring no victor, no vanquish. The people of Biafra laid down their arms but that was just the beginning of the war; aftermath of the war came with punishment like, marginalization, deprivation, economic strangulation, political strangulation and many more.

Britain is quite aware that Nigeria is more or less a geographical expression as ascertained by the founding fathers (stooges) of that artificial boundary. They were right; Nigeria shares no common value, religion and even political view, everything is opposing to each other.

Back to 1914; Lord Lugard amalgamated the Northern and Southern protectorate, giving birth to Nigeria for the singular reason of sustaining the economy of Her Majesty. There was insufficient or no consultation before the amalgamation; instead, the people were forced to be one, so that the weak can be used to rule over the strong, the British permutation worked quite well.

Nigeria was given artificial breath of life and it lived on; in 1950s, the centre began to shake, Britain knew that no artificial creation can survive the test of time. They began to manage their creation; but in 1953, pogrom took place, the strong was the target.

At that moment; just like a creation realizing he is unsafe in a particular environment, mutation began and slowly, Nigeria became the lair of monsters. Killing became the answer to many questions; in 1966, a coup happened and a region felt cheated. Just within a twinkle of an eye, a counter-coup occurred and massacre followed up, again, the strong was the target.

1960; Britain had obviously left Nigeria but left stooges; there was an assignment which was to answer the question of difference. Nigeria was turning into a pool of blood and then Aburi Accord was seen as solution.

The then Eastern Governor; His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu went to Aburi with Gowon, the former was intellectually superior. At the end of the conference; Nigeria was to be con-federal, each region to manage itself in one united Nigeria.

Gowon came back happy that the solution has been found; but knowing that would leave the interest of Britain in the hands of the strong, they objected and advised Gowon on the contrary. The agreement reached and signed must be broken; solution is not the British bargain but that crude oil in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Killing went unabated and Ojukwu called back his people and declared the sovereign state of Biafra; a new nation is born but there is a task before them- to defend a nation borne out of the will to protect her citizens.

Britain masterminded that war to alter Aburi Accord; going back to the agreement reached at that conference could have stopped that war. Who or what is Biafra? A nation that cannot produce bullet, gun or bomb, Britain assured Gowon that Biafra would fall within three days, three months was exaggerated.

Then the war began; one year after, Biafra stood, two and then three years, Biafra stood but there was another strategy. Biafran soldiers proved the better soldiers; laid ambush and armed themselves with the arms of the British so-called Federal troops. Kaduna Nzeogwu would show the enemies class before Achuzia dances a better one. Ojukwu would show them a better military experience; they don’t know the strength of Ogbunigwe.

50years on; Britain is positioning for another war, they successfully executed the first one and nobody questioned Her Majesty’s participation. The subtle plan for the second civil war is obvious; we can faintly hear drums of war.

From the ashes of 1967; a warrior has risen like a phoenix and soaring, his name is Nnamdi Kanu but more of the reincarnation of the 1967 souls in one. 1967 spirit was invoked into him by British controlled Nigeria as a result of her failure to appease the spirit. Infrastructure, social amenities, federal presence and sense of belonging were enough to appease 1967 spirit, but they failed.

Since 2015; agitation for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra had overshadowed everything; the agitation kicked off just after Britain handled Scottish agitation by means of referendum.

Nnamdi Kanu is demanding a referendum to ascertain the wish of his people; this is the most civil one can be in such situation. Unlike Ojukwu; Nnamdi Kanu refused to call for war but has pursued his cause through civil disobedience and freedom of speech. Convincing his people on the reason to fight and aspire to control their political and economic future.

British government had voiced their displeasure over the agitation and warned that they would support and do anything to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria. When Bakassi was being relinquished, they never thought of protecting that territory.

The British Government through her ambassador had continued to make unguarded statements signaling that they would fight to the last to stop Biafra once more. They have also tried to tag Nnamdi Kanu a terrorist even when Scottish movement seeking what Nnamdi Kanu is seeking was considered a peaceful person.

They have used Her Majesty’s media to define Nnamdi Kanu as a man calling for armed secession, also telling the world that Biafra is being convinced to fight another war by Nnamdi Kanu. Little did they know that Biafra also occupied social media, a space no one can claim with money or diplomacy. The world is aware of the two referendums they have conducted and also aware that they did it for the sake of peace but is against it in Nigeria for the sake of war. Who is a fool?

The call for referendum has been interpreted by British controlled Nigeria as a call for war; Britain has conducted two referendums on her soil but is undesirable to that on Nigerian soil, what is Her Majesty cooking?

Referendum is the only civil way of handling agitation and once that fails; a determined people must seek violence- war. Is Britain opposed to referendum with hope of frustrating Nigeria into second civil war? With the statements of Her Majesty’s ambassador which defines British position; Britain is only but positioning for a second civil war in Nigeria.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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