By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 5, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader
When you see them running helter scatter; spiting fire, denying and fighting over this no-election issue, you would think they have built a road, ensured water supply, power or in any way helped their people. They have not done such and neither are they ready to do it today or tomorrow; to them, politics is about making money and not empowering their people. Instead of them to come open and say ‘Nnamdi Kanu cannot destroy our business enterprise’ they rant like they have anything to offer the people.

Politics as a business is very dangerous to the future of the people and this is what they have failed to understand. Nobody helped them make the money that brought them into politics and as such nobody will stop them from stealing the much they want to. Seeing politics as a business will only destroy the future of the people and make a state a failed one and that is the situation today.

They are screaming like a child his favorite toy was snatched from; they are crying foul and they are barking at everybody. One barked at me and assured me that I will die if I backed no-election in Biafra land. I have no other option; it came so suddenly that I could not do anything and I never got involved to the buildup even though I initially propagated it. It has been cemented that there won’t be further election in Biafra land until a referendum date is given. Of course; we are all clamoring for referendum which will avert bloodshed or do justice to the two parties- Nigeria and Biafra. If this measure will bring about referendum; every sane mind must stand behind Nnamdi Kanu and execute no-election campaign.

Nnamdi Kanu released a venom into them and they are scampering for their lives; the greatest thing you can do them is to tell them you won’t take them to that their artificial heaven. A Black African leader would rather die for the sake of power than die for the sake of a better Africa. They cling unto power and target their foes and primitively accumulate wealth and that is everything they can do.

In Nigeria; election is a thing of mockery, both the electorate and the candidates have their own problem. The electorate is waiting patiently for the time of election; it is believed that only during election do they have business with their government. The government has learned the trade; get elected, save as much money as you can and share some during election and you get elected once more.

Hence that is the culture; politicians or elected leaders are not tasked or urged to serve the interest of the people after election. They go their different ways and come back during election when the people are needed. Weather a road was reconstructed or not; infrastructure looked into or social amenities put in place, the people have nothing to do but wait patiently for election when their elected leaders will be forced to bring out little from the plenty they have saved.

Politicians have also known how to manage hapless Nigerians or black Africans; they make them poor and make sure nothing is done to improve their living standard and this ensures that any amount brought during election is accepted by them. It is very hard to see a Nigerian rejects Naira to cast a vote. Voters card are sold and the higher bargainer takes their vote and that is the end of it all. Elected leaders are not questioned at the end of their tenure but what matters is the higher bargainer.

At the end of tenure; one hears of misappropriated billions and the culprit yet gets elected because he had stolen enough to buy votes. It is politically life-threatening for Nnamdi Kanu to aim to end such big business and this is why politicians are remonstrating while the people are jubilating. Nnamdi Kanu touched a place nobody is allowed to be touched. Nnamdi Kanu is about to take away their lives and they are fighting vigorously to continue to suck the blood of the people which is their source of living.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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