By Amos Ifeanyichukwu Ezeh (Anyi Kings)
June 4, 2017

Falsehood damages your reputation; stop it now!
I love and respect INTERSOCIETY for their professionalism; but it is very disappointing to see them lately falling to mere propaganda! How are the mighty falling! INTERSOCIETY I know are known for their transparency in their investigative activism most especially for the role they played during the massacre of IPOB harmless and peaceful protesters by the unpressional Nigerian security forces. But it is surprising and highly disappointing to see this esteemed NGO falling into the same trap it is expected of them to be the one to enlighten the public against.

I strongly believe that INTERSOCIETY shouldn't for any reason drag their much highly reputation to the mud for a mere propaganda from the Buhari Media Center (BMC) with little or no investigation thereby playing to the very song of Dss/Apc tactics.

This is the real reason they banned our upright leader not to speak to media, knowing fully that they are going back to attack him in all front with media propaganda machines and he wouldn't be able to defend himsel. INTERSOCIETY should therefore for their reputation withdraw this very poor press statement released recently and do what they know best. I urge them to meet with the leader of IPOB face to face for a fact finding mission; for anything they feel confusing instead of staying in the comfort of their office and releasing a press statement after reading an unverified online publication.

Am sharing my opinion on this not out of hatred but out of love for this very highly respected organization that has previously shown their professionalism in their activisism over the time. It is very hard to build a reputation and very easily to destroy it.

I'm convinced that the allegation of gift of jeep and cash to our leader from online bloggers is purely politically motivated from the ignorance ones that think that every freedom fighter from Igbo extraction can be bought with money; or must be politically hijacked. But the good news is that Prince Nnamdi Kanu is God's ordained in this very divine course for the restoration of Biafra and it is of this reason that our Chukwu Okike Abiama (God) endowed him with extraordinary wisdom in piloting this very course; thereby placing his agenda more than 7 miles ahead of our enemies both in and out a it's very clear that our leader can not and will never join or support any politics in the zoological Nigeria.

This bold stand taken by our leader has authoritatively made any political interest allegation against this very innocent gentle man who has only the freedom of his people at heart null and void. As its very clear now, no real politician like Peter Obi who is ready to trade the freedom of his entire race with Igbo Presidency can invest his money on IPOB for political return. Millions of hard core biafrans under the leadership of Nnamdi kanu shall never obtain voters' card not to talk of voting. That is how fanatical we are in our focus to restore Biafra.

Biafra restoration project involves lots of money but there are lay down rules on how the money are been generated by Biafras in diaspora. So IPOB do not need political sugar daddies to fund its activities. This is one of the basic strong foundation laid by our Prophet and leader in this very course; and that is why no one is too big to hijack the struggle; as we are all equal in one oath, one mission and one goal which is Biafra restoration.

No wonder there are lots of frustration from some group of selfish element who want to hijack the struggle for their selfish purpose but couldn't; and they were shown the exit door and they ended up joining the attack dog of the Buhari Media Center (BMC) in fighting against the very progress we both recorded together.

Biafra restoration project requires selfless service. Freedom of Biafra shall be freedom of all; and not for one group or individual but freedom of all Biafrans. These are  the teachings of our Supreme leader that motivated millions of Biafrans in this very course as he leads us by example. His humble and exemplary leadership is second to none; no wonder Biafrans all over the world obey every single command from him; while the envious ones claim we worship him or tag him as a demigod or whatever.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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