● "What has been happening in that past is what I described above where I am tricked to partake in the fake elections and by my participation in the scam, I cannot complain. But if I did not participate, I have not given you the right to govern me therefore you cannot govern me period. The world will know and condemn you if you force me to participate in your government"

By Ugboelu Njoku | 19 May, 2017

Multitudes of Biafrans protesting for Biafra total freedom form islamic Nigeria
Up till now, I have rejected the idea of boycotting the Nigerian elections. The reason why I have supported participation/getting involved is because I did believe that you can only change things from within. But the fact of the matter is the Biafra movement is not to change Nigeria. The Biafra Agitation does not have anything to do with the constitution or anything of Nigeria. It is a movement on its own for the INDEPENDENCE/self-governing for the people of BIAFRA. Therefore fighting from within logic does not apply. Nigerians did not participate, vote or were voted for in the British elections to obtain their Independence from Britain.

The design/plan/foundation of Nigeria is faulty and you do not fix a faulty design by “correction”. You fix it by bringing in another new design, you redesign it from scratch, you erase completely the faulty design. If Nigeria want to fix its problem, it must redesign itself. But redesigning Nigeria is not a Biafran issue or concern. Therefore we must totally boycott all "boycottables" and that is NIGERIA and its election process.

What some people has articulated may be factual about working from within but their conclusion that we should participate in the forth coming elections are wrong. Aba is not impoverished because of Nigerian corruption, fake, and bad Igbo political leadership, or any of the Nigerian vices. Owerri is not matching backwards because of the inept leadership it presently has or the past ones. No, not at all. Aba, Owerri and the entire Igbo land are where they are because the people decided to accept the foolishness. As they say people deserve the government they have if not, they will change it if not by constitutional means, by force or share number or magnitude of the will of the people (revolt). For those who will argue this, remember 1929 (Ogu ndom) and most recently Owerri “Mayhem” Therefore Aba, Owerri and ndi Igbo in general are where they want to be else this 2019 scam election is an opportunity to revolt.

I do not believe that this Biafra Agitation is just to revolt against the Nigerian Constitution. Nigeria has the right to have anything they want as their constitution. It is their right. I do not have any business telling them what should or should not be in their constitution and I wish they will extend that right to me. My right to have my own constitution and country.

Now, why do I support the total boycott of the coming election from Anambra to 2019 general elections?

By me voting, I have directly/indirectly accepted the conditions that if I didn't win, you (the winner) has the right to govern me the way you feel. That if I win, I will govern the way I feel like. These two premise above are based on the idea that a true election will happen, voting to occur and a winner will emerge. The Nigeria factor here is election has never happened in Nigeria and will not happen any time soon in Nigeria. Nigeria does not conduct elections therefore any person hoping to change the system from within is wasting his/her time. So if there is no election, I will not win and therefore someone will be governing me without been elected and by extension with my approval having directly participated in the scam/fraud that brought the person to power. I will not complain which is what has been happening in the past.

Why haven’t there been any election in Nigeria and why won’t there be any election in future? Because it is designed that way and there is nothing you can do to change that. Re-Writing the constitution will not make any difference because it is by number. The North was told that they are greater in number and the South has come to believe that without verification (census) and the truth is that Nigeria will never know because of the “design”.
Now what will happen to Biafra if they do not participate in the election? Nothing! Period.

We will not have any person in Abuja to be called an Abuja politician. Therefore one problem is solved. The second is that Nigeria will not move any forward without ndi Igbo period. The fact is that Nigeria operates on a tripod and if one of the legs is out, the other two cannot and will not work period. That is a fact. What has been happening in that past is what I described above where I am tricked to partake in the fake elections and by my participation in the scam, I cannot complain. But if I did not participate, I have not given you the right to govern me therefore you cannot govern me period. The world will know and condemn you if you force me to participate in your government.

Ndi Igbo will not lose any sleep and nobody will die for not participating in the fraud called election. Most importantly, Nigeria conducts this fake elections in two or three stages, this means that if ndi Igbo did not participate in the first stage or first election, the other tribes especially the Middle belt and the Southern minority tribes will also boycott the remaining exercise. Bringing this shame to a halt. This way we the people (Igbo) will have the government (Biafra) we deserve.

What happens if there is no Nigerian government in Igbo land? As I write, there is always a government in any part of Igbo land that is the government that has and continues to govern ndi Igbo even when they are not recognized. We will be okay my people as a true government will emerge from the structure we already have.
Some people argue or mentioned some few places where they got the system to change by getting involved, by working from within. Let me say this, Nigeria is not a civilized country where rule and order are followed – Nigeria does not follow rules, they manipulate things example; the election process has started now with two different rules.

One in the South and another in the North. Kids less than 18 years are registering in the North as I am writing this piece, while those above 18 are asked to bring their International passport in the South. I ask; how many people in the North has International Passport? When did the National Assembly passed the law to include international passport as an election material? Let no body ask me to bend or sit because another person is bending or siting, that is not a civilized way of doing things.

Before I conclude, for those asking us to participate in the election, you can only have a chance of winning in a game that the rules are led down, you know the rules and every person or participants are playing by that rule. Nigerian election does not have any rule and if they do, it keeps changing during the game, moving the goal post, and the East cannot win because they do not have the money, the police, the army or power from above to stabilize the goal post.

Concluding, no true Igbo person can win the scam elections in Nigeria without the power from above therefore those thinking MOBIN, UPP or any political outfit out there will muster enough votes to win and determine the faith of Biafra is wasting their time. If UPP want to be significant, they should fully embrace and pick up the Biafran Restoration mantra. Today, they do not have any representative at the federal level, they do not have any elected person at the state level (Governor, state house or local Govt). They do not have any thing, what makes them think that they will defeat APC. We all know how America (Obama) helped APC otherwise, how could they have won? Does MOBIN or UPP have America behind them?

One of the instrument we have today as a people is the right to refuse to vote. If we miss it, it will be hard for us. I therefore support total boycott of the Nigerian scam called election. The only problem is how can we make the boycott to be effective?

Ndewo nu.

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