Authored by Chima Onyekachi - TBP
May 25, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader visited a powerful Niger Delta activist; Ann-Kio Briggs in his continuous consultation for Biafra restoration
The ordeal of my maternal grandfather, Late Samson Ezeh, in the hands of the Nigeria troops during the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70, is one story I will never cease to talk about until justice is done and the only justice is the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. Late Samson Ezeh, a rich man in his community when the genocide against his people began; he went on to give his consent when his first son was drafted to join the Biafra Army to defend the people of Biafra against the rampaging Nigerian vandals. The blockade of aid into Biafra Land during the genocide caused severe starvation and suffering to the Biafran civilians which led to my grandfather opening up his yam barns to the refugees who trooped to his community in large numbers. He held the title of ‘Eze ji’ literally meaning “King of yam”, his barns never dried up during the genocide.

After the “no victor no vanquished” proclamation by the then Biafra and Nigeria government, the Nigeria troops continued to pillage Biafra Land in whatever way they deem fit. During this time, my late grandfather was fingered by saboteurs as one of the sponsors of the Biafra Army and was picked up by the Nigeria federal troops even when the Biafra soldiers have laid down their weapons. The accusation was a lie from the pit of hell as he never had any engagement with the then Biafra government but rather with the refugees who continuously trooped to his place for food. Every effort to prove he was innocent fell on deaf ears as he was forcefully marched from his home, he only demanded for his snuff box as he was led with other arrested elders into the farm road leading to the forest. The last that was heard of him is that he jumped off the cliff when it got to his turn to be shot dead. His body was never recovered and the memory of his callous death has never been forgotten.

The extra judicial killings and violence against the people of Biafra have continued till date. The lives of Biafrans are constantly under threat in Nigeria as Amnesty International has affirmed in its reports. Marginalization and subjugation of Biafrans is a common occurrence in Nigeria and does not seem to be abating soon. The Nigeria security forces are always eager to use the people of Biafra as a target practice at any slight opportunity. Elders and politicians who ought to protect the interest of the Biafra people have abandoned them for the sake of personal gain and achievement.

The 30th of May 2017, is another day to remember our heroes and heroines who have sacrificed their lives to bring us closer to the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. Sacrificing a day for our heroes and heroines is never enough to honor them. The Nigeria government has always frustrated every effort for the people of Biafra to remember and honor their fallen heroes but IPOB has led the trail in making sure there is a commemoration. Every Biafran must see it as a natural duty to obey and follow up the sit-at-home commemoration stipulated for this year's celebration of our fallen heroes and heroines. Every parts of Biafra land is expected to be shut down on that day, movement must be restricted, prayers will be offered at our various homes and strategic places approved by IPOB.

Obedience to the sit-at-home in commemoration of the 2017 Biafra Heroes Day will not only honor our heroes and heroines but will also send a powerful message to the world about our seriousness to be independent. The Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is following every peaceful and diplomatic means to achieve the self-determination quest of the people of Biafra and must be supported.

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