By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
01, May 2017

Biafran Children malnourished by Nigeria during the war of Genocide against them
In the midst of plenty and hopefulness to build a new and better Nigeria where ethnicity, tribe, origin and religion will not be used as a parameter to be called a Nigerian, the acrimony set-in and the military struck.

First in Jos riot of 1945 Biafrans were killed in their numbers in  Nigeria that they fought for her independence as a unit known to be Eastern Nigeria; in Kano riot of 1953 Biafrans were again killed in Nigeria for no just reasons then it never occurred to them that they were been killed because of who they are, within the space of eight (8) years prior to independence Biafrans were killed on the altar of Nigerianess as sacred cows yet they moved on hoping that one day Nigeria will be a Nation for all but that is far from reality.

After the Nigeria independence in 1960 all hoped that a new dawn has come never did Biafrans know that just six (6) years away from independence will Nigeria become an ocean filled with their respective blood; men, women and children that were innocents were killed in the aftermath of 1966; the sole reason for the coup that took effect in 1966 was that late Chief Obafemi Awolowo kicked against the election which took part in the Western part of Nigeria against what he perceived as electoral malpractice and falsification of election results.

This scenario caused ethnicity restiveness in the Federation of Nigeria which prompted or necessitated the core reason why the Military struck to restore peace and orderliness in the country then civilian government was put in abridged; this resulted to unjust pogrom and unlawful killing of only the Easterners who were Biafra citizens residents' in the Northern part of Nigeria before it was shifted to the Western part of Nigeria. The coup was slammed Igbo coup to exonerate the other ethnic groups in Nigeria to see the Igbos as the devil incarnate.

30th, May 1967 when the pogrom could not be controlled by the Nigeria government pushed the Eastern Consultative Assembly; demanded that late General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu should declare the former Eastern part of Nigeria to be known and called Biafra which was their antiquity name before the arrival of the British. From this very year when the Eastern region declared their independence as a result of perceived total annihilation of their people to preserve humanity, Nigeria headed by Col. Jack Gowon in connivance with the British government declared war on Biafra.

Genocide: This is the total innate mindset of a ruler murdering of a specific ethnic group, while some authors view it as the total extermination of a particular breed, stock, ethnic group thereby depopulating them causing the stock to go into extinction as this was the mindset of a bloody Dracula who was then Nigeria head of state. Record has it that more than 3.5 million human souls perished on the altar of; "to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done" by Jack Gowon the worst son of Africa genocidist.

Nigeria government wants us to forget the pain, agony and the trauma of the genocidal war perfected by Nigeria and the British government; what an affront on the memory of our lost heroes and heroines who died that we may live to continue with the freedom struggle.

30th May enunciated by the Leadership of the indigenous people of Biafra as "Biafra Remembrance Day" is a day to reckon with in the lives of the remnant of the Biafra genocidal war. Many countries of the world find solace to remember and mourn their people who lost their lives during war times so that they may live. Some view it as a day of worship, some as a day of libation and pay tribute to the memory of the depraved during the war times known as war victims.

Though it is only men who are incapable of reasoning will choose to die like cowards in the face of humiliation, slavery and total servitude in their God-given land but rather it takes only courageous men who are determined to stand and fighting against slavery and subjugation of their people in their natural land and boundaries, with this they are men of valor; valiant against oppression and committed to the total freedom of her people which IPOB has kick-started that their memory will not be forgotten no matter what Nigeria may want the rest of the world to believe in.

We must remember our fallen heroes and heroines because we are the remnants of the war affected children of Biafra as every 30th of May remains a black day in our lives and to their memories we light these candles to say good night our warriors with tears in our eyes.

We never wish to say this to our lost brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, the violated unborns this in the day light.....


We were forced to say it in the day light.......

Good night to our warriors in the day light.....

Good bye to our warriors in the day light.......

Biafra must be restored and it's a pledge and a promise we make to your memories unto this day that your blessed memories will not be forgotten no matter how persuasive and hash to us.

Your lost legacies must lives on as many had also died in this present struggle; in what they believe is right for all free people to have and enjoy than to be cowed into modern  neo-slavery.

Long live the Republic of Biafra.

Long live the Indigenous People of Biafra.

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