By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
April 10, 2017

Parasitic Paul Arkwright; British Ambassador to the "fantastically corrupt" Nigeria
Are you as angry as I am? No I don’t think you are but even if you are angry, you are possibly angry because of the position of Paul Arkwright which he is entitled to. People must not be on a page and issues of choice seek no permission. Paul Arkwright has come under intense media attack for publicly saying that his country would not allow Biafra to be restored. It is normal not to support Biafra but another thing to fight Biafra; threaten Biafra and more which Paul did. To some; he is speaking the position of Britain, I have no problem with whatsoever position Britain takes but I am just against the stupidity of the idiotic god of Nigeria - Paul Arkwright is playing God to Nigeria; this is why I am very angry. He is speaking like one that owns Nigeria; decides what happens and only his wish prevails but because Scotland is white, he wouldn’t dare threaten them. He is threatening Biafra as if he would roll his tanks and fly his bomber jets because Biafra lawfully seeks expression of her fundamental right to self-determination which is enjoyed every day in UK.

Paul Arkwright is so stupid that he thinks people in Africa have no value compared to people in Europe and UK respectively. He is so stupid that he thinks what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Paul Arkwright is so idiotic that he goes about saying just what he was urged to say without constraint. He is so stupid that he believes territorial integrity of UK can be negotiated and that of African Country cannot be negotiated. Paul Arkwright is so stupid that he thinks this is 1914 his counterpart amalgamated Northern and Southern protectorate. He is so stupid that he dares the resolve of a determined people. This stupid racist god wants bloodflow than referendum that will save the day.

The god of Nigeria; this idiotic god from far away UK now tell his creation what is possible and what is not possible. This idiotic god is a bumbling fool that wants to retain the country he created even when citizens have gotten knowledge. This idiotic god is saying that the wish of indigenous people will never prevail, but his wish will prevail against their own. This idiotic god failed to get sense even when it is clear that he is a mortal. This idiotic god would not stop at nothing until he is disgraced and rendered powerless.

This blood sucking god of Nigeria is so stupid that he doesn’t want to agree that we have come to the realization that his creation-Nigeria is a means of depopulating Africa. This idiotic god is so stupid that when we decided that our blood will stop flowing; he openly told us that it would flow and he would continue swimming in it. This foolish god of Nigeria has the audacity to say that we are not human enough to decide our fate on this earth. This foolish god is determined to decide destiny but when you raise a cutlass, he runs because he is flesh and blood. This stupid god of Nigeria would not learn; the euphoria of 1967 has blinded his foresight.

This worthless ambassador; did I say ambassador? Don’t mind me, I am not addressing any ambassador, this thoughtless god, he so much thinks African man has no brain. For the fact god of Nigeria says no to the wish of indigenous people; citizens will pick up guns and kill themselves, a war for the god of Nigeria. This thoughtless god is so stupid that he forgot we can now reason. So this god has nothing to do about the way we live but only concerned about the way he lives. This shameless god that lives on oil but cannot ascend into heaven is hapless. A thoughtless god that is ready to trade lives for the sake of oil; a shameless god that cannot conjure or make oil appear in Britain.

A bias god that cannot protect territorial integrity of UK from Scotland but can protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria from Biafra. A bias god that can allow referendum to save the lives of Brits and maintain peace in UK but would rather urge for confrontations to stop referendum in Nigeria. A god that is poised to destroy his creation; what kind of god is that white parasite? An idiotic god that openly abuses everything sacred and without principles. What kind of stupidity is it when that god joins hands with his creation to sniff life out of a self-realized creature? Paul Arkwright; his very anger is that Biafrans have realized that they are human beings. They have decided to stop being a product of his experiment and now he fights like lice; because he is a shameless parasite.

Paul Arkwright; may not have agreed that trans- Atlantic slave trade is over; he still commands his slaves in Nigeria, they don’t have right to their wish or expression neither the power to express their fundamental or inalienable right to self-determination. Colonialism is not over to him; the independence they gave their slaves in 1960 is mere political exercise? He still wants to control and decide the fate of the people in this part of Africa and deny them globalization. He wants to remain a god and show that what the people want doesn’t matter until it matters to him. He can stand against the wish of indigenous people because he knows he is the creator of those people. Paul Arkwright; your stupidity is the fact that you don’t know that gods have been made or your creations transformed into gods. They today know what you know; they want to enjoy what you enjoy in UK, they won’t allow fleas, ticks, lice and mites on them again. They have got the eyes to see them and the hand to remove them, that is what you must admit to stop being stupid.

The people of Biafra are resolute and determined; I don’t need to remind him, let him prepare his tanks and jets. I can understand the strength of a lice being forced off the body; it fights to stick there because sucking it is a matter of life and death. I also have an advice; renegotiate with Biafra nation and seek a stronger diplomatic tie. No country or nation has ever survived second civil war and I know you have nothing to lose because only African children will lose in a circumstance of full blown crisis. To the fools; they think you have any atom of love for them, but to the wise, they know you are nothing but a parasitic god of Nigeria.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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