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April 2, 2017

Biafran elders in Abuja High Court to show solidarity to Nnamdi Kanu
It is important I ask the above question as it is obvious that the people of Biafra have chosen a leader whose word and command is sacred to their hearing. From the lands of Igbanke, Idoma, Izon, Igala, Ibibio, Igbo, Itshekiri, Urhobo and Isoko, the name Nnamdi Kanu is been spoken about with pride and bravery. Nnamdi Kanu has rekindled the hope of the Indigenous People of Biafra and the dream of a better future in a sovereign nation. The leader of IPOB was never taken serious by detractors until he was arrested and there was a huge display of his followership demanding for his release.

The arrest and detention of Nnamdi Kanu, has been trailed with protests and demonstrations demanding for his release as ordered by courts of competent jurisdiction. Rather, the Nigeria government through its security forces has engaged in the extra judicial killings and violence against peaceful Biafran protesters as confirmed by international human right watch dog, Amnesty International. The Nigeria security forces have continually perpetrated the forced abduction and disappearance of Biafrans, most of those kidnapped have not been seen till today.

Biafran women protest in Abuja High Court to demand an unconditional release of IPOB Leader; Nnamdi Kanu
The acts of killings, intimidation and brutality against the Indigenous People of Biafra by the Nigeria security forces has fueled the clamor for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra rather than to diminish it. There is display of pride and confidence amongst Biafrans as they no longer fear to be identified as a Biafran. Biafrans are no longer afraid to display the Biafra flag and to discuss the re-birth of their nation.

As every part of the globe is reverberating with talks of the restoration of Biafra, it is obvious that everyone wants to be part of the movement even those that doubted the ability of IPOB to bring attention to the plights of Biafrans. The political class in Biafra Land must be woken up to the realization that the people of Biafra are no longer on their side until they begin to act on the demand of the people. In a sane society, the political representatives ought to be the mouth piece of the wishes of their people. It is pertinent that politicians of Biafra origin should take a cue from their colleagues in Scotland and Catalonia whom have fervently stood with their people on their right to self-determination.

Elders in different clans of Biafra in Abuja High Court to demand the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
Nnamdi Kanu has been able to galvanize and unite the clans of Biafra for the purpose of the restoration of Biafra and his illegal detention should send a message to sane minds that the constitution of Nigeria was created to satisfy a few select. The sudden introduction of elements of the sharia law in his trial should send signals to the Christian community in Nigeria that their religion is a target for extinction by the Islamic fundamentalists that makes up the cabal in government.  

Obviously, the youths of Biafra have without regret borne the brunt of the atrocities by the Nigeria security forces which has escalated the tension in the country. The youths have shown civility and maturity in the face of brutality due to the command and control from the hierarchy of IPOB. The elders, men and women of various clans of Biafra have continued to storm the Federal High Court in Abuja to witness the trial of Nnamdi Kanu and to show solidarity to him. These should remind Nigeria and anyone concerned that Nnamdi Kanu is a golden egg that must not be tampered with or taken for granted.

The Nigeria government and its cronies of Biafra origin may feign ignorance of the true happenings in Biafra Land but their action is a waste of time as it is obvious they are standing alone. These oppositions to the restoration of Biafra must act in a civilize way by demanding for a referendum, so as not to begin another crisis in Africa. The Indigenous People of Biafra have made up their minds and woe betides anyone who tries to stand on their way to freedom.

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