By Ifeanyi Chijioke - For TBP
April 17, 2017

Biafran Children starved to death during the war of genocide by Nigeria
The Indigenous People of Biafra has once again declared 30th May a day the people shall sit at home in honor of the victims of 1967 genocide. The event is a historical one, hence Nigerian Government regards over 3.5 million people that died in 1967 as worthless, the people of Biafra know the pains of losing their flesh and blood and countrymen. Nigeria might not take out a day for the victims of that genocide because the people of Biafra have nothing in common with Nigeria. Whatever you may think; the oil in Biafra land is the only business Nigeria has with Biafra and this is why over 3.5 million cannot be honored by Nigeria.

I therefore compel my esteemed readers to patiently read between the lines; the implication of this event, the danger and the gigantic curse. This piece is designed for the people of Biafra; as a long observer, I have come to acknowledge that 1967 genocide against the people has not only affected their economic prowess, political status and others but it has also affected their spiritual existence. I strongly profess that every 30th May is an opportunity to solicit for time until there is peace for the 3.5 million- which the living Biafrans owe the 1967 genocide victims.

The least given to the dead is honor; this is why in Biafra land; the people of Biafra properly bury their own. From Bayelsa to Anambra have found it a tradition to honor the dead because they believe the dead contribute so much to the living. Language may vary in Biafra but the tradition and value system of the people of Biafra anywhere they are remains the same. Unlike people that would wrap their dead with a mat; a Biafran would take time and give his dead a befitting burial. Spiritual aspect of life is believed to control the physical, hence the dead deserves honor to facilitate a better living for the living.

It is a spiritual disaster that 3.5 million people died in 1967 without burial or any form of honor; they died without being buried, some were fed to vultures and some left to decay in one abandoned house or forest. That is one of the worst things that had ever happened to the people of Biafra; the 1967 genocide took away everything they are including their lives. Biafrans have a serious generational problem; the spiritual implication of 1967 genocide is colossal.

Many tribulations the people of Biafra are going through are linked to the 1967 war of aggression against them. This is a people that already believe or know that when one is not properly buried or accorded respect, he continues to influence the living until that is done. The souls of the 3.5 million Biafrans may never rest in peace until they are honored and properly buried even without their bodies. As the tradition of the people of Biafra demands; the very respect the dead deserves can be accorded even without the corpse but where ever the spirit is, it would definitely rest in peace. But hence restoration of Biafra is the only means to bury and accord honor to the 3.5 millions; it is clear their souls are still wandering in violence.

The failure to honor or bury over 3.5 million Biafrans automatically turned Biafra into a spirit; the spirit of the 3.5 million either fighting to rest in peace or fighting to be buried or given state honor, of course they died for a flag. This is the implication of the 1967 genocide; millions of souls are crying and fighting, some want justice, some are tired of wandering and want to rest in peace. Souls of children murdered are crying; their voices reach God and Biafrans suffer for doing little to give them peace, Nigerians also seeing the implication. Until they rest in peace; their blood will keep crying for justice and that denial will keep haunting.

There is a great danger associated with this 1967 genocide; hence millions of souls have died for that cause; the living bears a burden of accomplishment. This has become a generational danger waiting to impact; some are victims of the impact while some promising accomplishers or sympathizers are spared. There is never a way the cause of 3.5 million lives can be forsaken without a repercussion and neither will there be a time their spirit shall stop pursuing the unaccomplished cause. Whatsoever stands as an impediment to the cause that took their lives is not only taken away but obliterated from the face of the earth. The citation of this fact can be the condition of Muhammadu Buhari; the condition of Nigerian state, the condition of the all the countries that helped in destroying over 3.5 million souls of Biafrans.

There is a curse that can never be lifted in advent of negligence and opposition to the 1967 cause; the people of Biafra must be very careful with the event of 30th May as it has a binding on the 1967 victims. May 30th event transcends Biafra agitation as that is a day to temporary asks over 3.5 million victims for time towards the accomplishment of the cause that took their lives. It is a day to respect and honor the victims; appreciate them for a cause the generation unanimously agreed to embark on. Failure to honor them on 30th May is a spiritual betrayal that will not go unpunished. There must surely be physical manifestation of the abuse, betrayal and dishonor because the spiritual controls the physical. Biafarans, 30th May goes beyond physical as it has spiritual connection capable of bringing an eternal curse.

It is therefore imperative to note that 30th May sit-at-home is nothing but a window to reassure and commit our spirits to the cause of 1967. It is a window to come to the aid of 3.5 million souls wandering on the face of the earth. It is a window to reassure them that there is hope that their spirits would rest in peace in no distant time. It is a window to intercede for them and appreciate them for giving their lives for you all to be better. It is a window to identify the ultimate sacrifice they made for your identities. It is a window to show you value their sacrifices and you are not better off. It is an avenue to giving them a moment of peace and then the next day they continue in pieces. Would you Biafrans wherever you are not giving millions of innocent children that died out of starvation a moment of peace? Would you not rather stay back at home and light a candle, look unto heaven and say “give them peace through restoring that nation they all died defending”

May 30th is around the corner and it is not about making history but about saving your lives and preserving your generations. Not about sitting at home to show support for the agitation but about your spiritual responsibilities. Not about scoring a political point but about the business of 3.5 million souls that died because of the land you step on. Not about Biafra restoration but about what Biafrans are and where they came from. It is about the souls that gave them lives because all that died in 1967 died to preserve this generation of Biafrans. Politicians and spiritual leaders; traditional leaders and socio-cultural leaders, from every nook and cranny 30th May is a day you- people of Biafra sit-at-home to honor your root. To be continued…

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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