By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi -TBP
19, April 2017

The vituperation in the speech credited to the British Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Paul Arkwright during a key note address of the importance and gain of Brexit to Nigeria had exposed the evil personified being in this British envoy beyond doubt; that when we assessed his unguided utterances we found out the making of a modern day slaver in Nigeria and Africa at large.

It is most unfortunate that Mr. Paul Arkwright sees himself as a god when he is just a mere mortal that blood and water runs through his veins like the Biafrans (Africa). Mr. Paul Arkwright variably or invariably told  the other ethnic groups in the British created Nigeria that they are animals and have no right to demand for their self-determination.

Will I say that this man Paul Arkwright was on a sedative drugs that made him lost his memory and conscience to forget so quick that the major topic in his address is Brexit; when critically dissected it put Britain in a purview that indicates a people who gain their freedom from the European Union through referendum.

Is Mr. Paul Arkwright telling us, the world that Nigeria is their footstool and his progenitors birth right and heritage? I strongly in my instincts believe that Mr. Paul Arkwright came from a part of a world that civility is a norm and a priority that all is free to freedom of expression but in the face of abusing this right on their citizen in any part of the world will force the British government to act fast in favour of her citizen's right; I ask the evil genius Paul Arkwright; what is Nnamdi Kanu to your Nation?

The Biafrans ask for nothing else in Nigeria but to pass through the same way that the British went through in other to be set free from the shackles of European Union. British government using this paraphrase of keeping and maintaining the geographical areas and integrity of Nigeria is as same saying that the scramble in Africa is still intact and the British remains the master slaver.

I hope that Mr. Paul Arkwright know that before his progenitor invaded Africa there was nothing like Nigeria; hopefully he know that Nigeria was forced on the indigenous people of Biafra, Bini, Oduduwa and Arewa to which these names were the names of the indigenous towns and villages the British met, before they did out of greed and quest to loot, forced and amalgamated the indigenous people into what is today known to be Nigeria.

Mr.Paul Arkwright the modern day slaver cherished it so well that him and his people are living out buoyantly in the sufferings of the people of Biafra; he cherishes unity forced at gun point, he cherishes the on-going  genocide in Biafra being executed by the Nigeria government in other to preserve his progenitors' birth right and heritage Nigeria.

Record has it that the British government which Mr.Paul Arkwright is part of master minded the genocide in Nigeria from inception; the slaver instigated the Jos riot of 1945, Kano 1953, and the worst of it all was the Nigeria-Biafra genocidal war. The slaver Mr. Paul Arkwright and his government cannot live in denial to these facts and all was done to have the master slaver and the slave puppet relationship who acts according to the dictates of the master slaver.

It is most surprisingly that the British invoked the mother of all laws which is self-determination to liberate her people but the hypocrite British government considers it a taboo in the third world Nations as they will rightly say; Self-determination is a universal right and inalienable in nature and it is on this premise that we warn Mr. Paul Arkwright to desist from making such provocative statements at will as what the Biafrans are asking from Nigeria is not an internal affairs right but an internationally recognized right. Bewarned  Mr. Slaver and a modern day neo-colonialist - Paul Arkwright.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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