By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
April 3, 2017

Peter Obi; Ex-Governor of Anambra State
The call for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafra agitators was recently made by the former Governor of Anambra State; Peter Obi. While making the call, he extended it to other Biafra agitators. The call for Nnamdi Kanu’s release is no longer a new thing and with the position of Nnamdi Kanu in the society, nobody can take anything from the people without staying on a page with him, calling for his release is staying on the same page with the people. The call for his release is also building one’s popularity or acceptance by the people of old Eastern region. The call by Peter Obi prompted this letter; that he may show the sincerity of his call through what is in his home.

I might not have ethically commenced this letter due to the flexibility of public letter writings; but I had urged for the message contained therein to be given a priority concern. Sir; I wish to quickly draw your attention to what happened when you were the Governor of Anambra State. MASSOB was alive and agitating for the actualization of Biafra; as the executive Governor of Anambra State, you had the duty to contain the agitation. Many Biafran youths died under your command; I would not entirely blame you because Uwazurike was a disappointment for politicizing and commercializing Biafra. He went into politics with Biafra and left agitation for political business using MASSOB. You will also be blamed for the willingness of your government to kill Biafra agitators without constraint. No matter what Uwazurike led Biafra activists into; they do not deserve such lethal approach.

Today; due to how Nnamdi Kanu organized Biafra; you might have looked back and regret your actions, although you might argue that MASSOB was an indiscipline organization Uwazurike used in coercing the people of Biafra to extort money/properties from them, I have heard a close friend of yours justify your move as saving the people from Uwazurike’s harassment. I don’t share any sentiment and neither will I give heed to anything until I see or confirm by virtue of your present dealings. The people of Biafra are terrorized by Muhammadu Buhari and what have you done or said? Sadly; you Eastern politicians are bunch of disgrace, El- Rufai would speak up against touching Fulani herdsmen terrorists but you people would not condemn killing of innocent and peaceful Eastern youths.

10 years ago in Anambra State; you placed a bounty of 3 Million Naira on a man’s head; that anybody that finds or leads to that man’s arrest shall be rewarded such amount with one official car. What was the crime of the man? He is a Biafran and fighting for the restoration of Biafra; when Uwazurike was arrested, he kept the fire burning. His name is innocent Orji; who is currently in detention without trial for 11 years and counting. Uwazurike whom you accused of extortion suddenly became a good friend after he was released and then you connived with him to arrest Innocent Orji. You arrested him and his pregnant wife and your government detained them, the woman gave birth in detention and still incarcerated for 11 years without trial as well.

Today Nnamdi Kanu is in detention and through him; all Biafra agitators shall be free which is even what you profess, if in Anambra State there is still a Biafran agitator incarcerated; then calling for the release of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra being held by Buhari is a bit insincere. Coupled with the fact that you only made a call for Kanu’s release without working out for it; there is need for charity to start at home. I fully understand that your regime is gone and now Anambra belongs to someone else but you have a role to play.

There is need to go back home and free the Biafra agitators incarcerated in your home State to show sincerity towards calls made in direction of healing. Eastern politicians and political leaders should not take the people of Biafra for granted. Let nobody think that by calling for the release of Nnamdi Kanu without working it out will endear himself to the people. Time has passed when the people of Biafra appreciated words without demanding for action. Nnamdi Kanu will be released by fire by force because the people have taken that position but also show that you mean what you say by ensuring the release of Biafra agitators in Anambra State.

I can list names of high profile Boko Haram terrorist arrested but released in Kaduna and nothing happened. I can tell you that uncountable murderous Fulani herdsmen have been arrested and released within few days and heaven did not fall. The release of these people is done in various States they are. Tell me what stops the release of innocent Biafran activists in various States they are incarcerated? Murderers are released and integrated into the Nigerian army by governors and politicians in other States but when it comes to the East, it is always a different ball game because you all are slaves licking the ass of Abuja politicians. Your people are killed and incarcerated to show your masters that you are loyal to them but posterity will judge you all.

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