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April 05, 2017

Gen. Buhari and Shekau; the Boko Haram leader are same ideologically
Following the contradictory pronouncement made by Justice Binta Nyako in her last court proceedings where she backed the motion for secret trial and enforce what she described as sharia law to enable her send Nnamdi Kanu and others to the hangs man is totally an act of manipulative set-up by this judge to grant Mohammadu Buhari's request to Islamize Nigeria.

Recall that in the year 2016 Mohammadu Buhari through his DSS surrogates went on rampage and kidnapped the Nigerian judges; he Buhari needs to give them bad name so as to effectively detain them in other not to speak out against his involvement in the judiciary he slammed them with being corrupt.

Ever since Mohammadu Buhari embarked on this journey of no mercy intimidating the big wigs in the judiciary, the judiciary has effectively become a rubber stamp arm of government in Nigeria; he Buhari appoints judges in this country, the Nigerian masses accept it; or agitate against it and relax your nerves in the DSS dungeon with one corruption charge slammed against you.

Just as we know when Justice Ademola of Federal high court - Abuja granted Nnamdi Kanu bail unconditionally for lack of exhibit against the charges levelled him, Mohammadu Buhari sent his DSS to kidnapped him and he was slammed with corruption charges; the impasse at which the judiciary has deteriorated needs the Nigeria judiciary council to wake up to her responsibility in the face of intimidation or remain silence forever.

Sharia law is a law which is grounded in Islamic teachings as the believer of this fate is known as a true Muslim. Going by this definition why did Justice Binta Nyako mentioned and introduced sharia law in a court case which has no basis for sharia law? Why did Justice Binta Nyako considered it as an effect means to judge Nnamdi Kanu and others if she is not bias like her predecessor Injustice John Tsoho?

Since Mohammadu Buhari kidnapped and rubbished the judiciary he now deals with them the way he chooses to; there is no rule of law and independent of the other arms of government since this tyrant assumed the seat of power. Mohammadu Buhari who is an ardent believer of Islamic teachings propagated for the movement of Islam and Sharia all over Nigeria and Africa at large which when viewed it becomes crystal clear that he compelled Binta Nyako to apply sharia law so as to kill Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu is today in prison because he preached against this sharia law movement professed by retired Major General Mohammadu Buhari to islamize every living souls in Nigeria; he became a cog in Buhari's wheel since others were weaklings to challenge Buhari over this, watch out ever since Buhari is in Aso Rock the activities of Islamic faithfuls is out of hand; herdsmen are Islamic faithfuls, Boko haram are Islamic faithfuls, the Nigeria security and armed forces are filled with Islamic faithfuls which to this day no arrest has been made over the incessant killings by all these groups.

This is the real reason why Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB that he commands seek for the total dismemberment of Nigeria because they have no place in the Nigeria settings as the British government would make people to believe that Nigeria is safe and calm. With this so far we wish to warn Justice Binta Nyako that sharia law has no place in this court case or rather let her step down. Self determination has no place for sharia law in the world as Kanu asked for nothing else but for the freedom of his people through a referendum process which in-turn is a universal law.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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