By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
April 5, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
Recently; Biafra Reporters released a report on how the FG of Nigeria has resolved to destabilize IPOB before releasing Nnamdi Kanu. The destabilization of IPOB became a priority when it was concluded that Nnamdi Kanu’s detention is in futility due to the existing and coordinated structure he had in place before his arrest. According to our sources; the FG had mapped out huge sum of money and ready to pay any price which it believes is worth their business establishment - Nigeria.

Since Nnamdi Kanu was arrested; Biafra agitation took a more serious position and sympathy towards the long and unlawful incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu is playing into the hands of IPOB. Having practically assessed the detention approach of the FG; she passed no vote of confidence and decided to establish a new strategy which is the destabilization of IPOB. Once IPOB is destabilized; it is believed the people of Biafra will not be united again to further their cause.

According to the report; Nnamdi Kanu is the only man being feared by the FG because he has shown a rare courage and determination, a disconnection with him (his command of the people) will affect Biafra. Our sources disclosed that the FG is still shocked that an African like Nnamdi Kanu could reject everything brought before him to enable him renounce or compromise his agitation. They even reached the point of threatening his life for him to accept negotiation but he never compromised on Biafra. Having assessed the determination of Nnamdi Kanu; the FG now believes that the only way to stop Biafra is to disorganize Biafra under his leadership. Our sources further said that FG has lost faith in making him compromise as he would never do that.

Biafra Reporters (The Biafra Post) can authoritatively report that the Old Eastern region Governors were contacted by the FG and they all concluded on the task to destabilize IPOB hence Nnamdi Kanu will be released very soon. The Governors were urged to Hijack the leadership of IPOB in their various States and bring it to the floor or smartly threaten the cohesion of the people under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu which is a threat to them. According to our reliable sources; the plan has already taken effect and there are consultations. FG has a third party that is working for them and has the ability to approach State executives of IPOB. The Governors have agreed with the mission and they now represent the FG in their various States through ordinary IPOB members, volunteers and supporters, the report says.

Going further; the report noted that the meeting recently convened in Enugu by some governors in old Eastern region also pointed towards the hijacking of IPOB. They want to infiltrate the people; by demanding Kanu’s release and working towards that, the people will be at peace with them and listen to them, from there, they would infiltrate and explode the body. They have tried to directly oppose Nnamdi Kanu but realizing that the people of Biafra are solidly behind him and sympathizes with him, they sought to tap the people by being on same page with them. Most people being used to disorganize IPOB are either not aware or being discreetly used.

Our sources clearly stated the modus operandi of the Governors which is “They are now coming in and saying Biafra is our own and for everybody. They resolved to meet weak figures and pledge financial support and otherwise, this is done through a third party. They would urge the officers or persons to oppose Nnamdi Kanu because Biafra is for everybody and that way, IPOB would lose its cohesion, meeting aggrieved persons remains their focus. They are seriously targeting Command and Control which has played a vital role in making IPOB a formidable people. They will implement this by urging officers through their stooges to learn to be on their own because Biafra is for everybody and not for one person or set of people”

Delta State Governor; Rivers, Cross River, Bayelsa were given the mandate to disintegrate the unity enjoyed by the old Eastern region to further minimize the strength of IPOB across Biafra land. Imo State Governor, Anambra, Enugu. Ebonyi, Abia were given the role to control the mindset of IPOB officers, instigate them against Command and Control and then prepare them to be independent as Biafra is for everyone. The officers in various States will be promised federal immunity and given backing at all levels to ensure they stand on their own and disconnect with Kanu’s Command and Control.

Going further; our sources disclose that this plan will politicize Biafra restoration and then cause destabilization that cannot be recovered from. The effort of Nnamdi Kanu is being subjected to test; his detention has proved futile and disorganizing IPOB is seen as a better approach.

This maybe the final stage or last fight for the restoration of Biafra; having arrested Nnamdi Kanu and the quest is still on. Having killed and arrested the people of Biafra in their thousands and the quest is still on. Should the FG fail in hijacking IPOB; they would definitely have no other option but confirm the determination of the people of Biafra and succumb to referendum. On the side of the people of Biafra; they have the duty to ensure that State leadership and other officers carry on the ideology of Nnamdi Kanu as that is the only way to restore Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu remains the worst nightmare of the FG and by means of Command and Control; IPOB will remain formidable and unshakable as tested by FG on Nnamdi Kanu.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
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