By Ndubuisi Anukwuem

Buhari scathingly criticized and promised to end the menace of medical tourism while campaigning for president, but has since continually travelled abroad for medical care whenever prompted.

Like the Late President Musa Yah’Adua, President Buhari left British-Nigeria in pretext for “routine vacation,” thereby flagrantly lying to the National Assembly about his true condition and mission in UK since January 19, 2017.
The general rumor that Buhari may be dead or comatose is perfectly understandable not only because his long absence from office is eerily reminiscent of President Yar’ Adua’s, but because still 99.9% of Nigerians do not know exactly when, where, and how Yar’Adua died barely 7 years ago.

It is not a crime to fall sick in office, but it is an impeachable offence to lie to the National Assembly and the people.
Buhari won’t show any sign of life to the people he swore to serve, but would somehow take a phone call from a foreign country to discuss supply of military weapons.
Two days before embarking on medical tourism, British-Nigerian Airforce air bombed and massacred 236 refugees at the Displaced Persons Camp, and flippantly stated that, “NAF is saddened by today’s (January 17) accidental air strike by its fighter jet at Rann, in Kala Balge area of Borno State, in which some innocent lives were lost.

No doubt accidents happen, if that, but describing a full scale massacre of 236 civilians with their dismembered bodies reportedly scattered all over the place merely as “some” innocent lives is revealing.
Two days later, on January 21, 2017, about twenty two IPOB supporters matching for Trump’s inauguration were massacred, with more than one hundred critically injured or arrested.

Whether they were massacred because they identified with Trump; or because they were Biafrans; or just lashing out because Hillary Clinton lost US election will likely never be ascertained because it is not in British-Nigeria’s repertoire to investigate the death of real or imagined opposition.

Three weeks prior, on Christmas eve/day, the Fulani Herdsmen invaded Goska Village of South Kaduna, a Christian enclave, despite the ongoing curfew to prevent the well-advertised attack.
A similar attack was carried out by Fulani terrorists in Kimba community, a Christian village in Borno State where 14 Christians were massacred and the entire village burned down on Christmas day, 2015.

It is widely believed among the victims that the state governor Nasir El Rufai, a Fulani tribalist and close confidant of President Buhari either colluded or tacitly supported the herdsmen especially when he officially explained that the attack was revenge for the killing of Fulani herdsmen in 2011.

Before becoming governor of Kaduna State, on July 15, 2012, El Rufai tweeted: “We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes.”

Rather than apprehend and prosecute the killers, Governor El Rufai boldly confessed that he paid the invading Fulani herdsmen an undisclosed amount based on unsubstantiated allegations to end their genocide which has since intensified; while unilaterally erecting “Public Apology Billboards” in behalf of the victims to pacify their emboldened killers and further humiliate the victims/host communities.

To learn more about the modus operandi of Fulani herdsmen, google Sudanese Janjaweed or Darfur Genocide; or see: and
According to a press release in December 29, 2016 by Reverend Ibrahim Yakubu, the Vicar General of Kafanchan Catholic Diocese in southern Kaduna, 808 Christians have been slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen, including destruction of “1,422 houses, 16 Churches, 19 shops, one primary school, and about 5.5 billion Naira ($18M.USD) worth of farm land and produce” in recent attacks.

“Unfortunately, [the] government both at the center and state levels has failed woefully. If anything, government has shown outright partisanship in favor of the herdsmen to the disappointment of the majority Southern Kaduna indigenes and Christians” said Rev. Yakubu.

As a Fulani herdsman himself, Buhari continues to pretend that his kinsmen are innocent even though they have murdered between twenty and sixty thousand people according to expert reviews. Others believe that it’s up to 100,000 with the aid and collusion of the government.

When in international circles, Buhari touts Boko Haram terrorists, and Niger Delta freedom fighters which he disingenuously likens to terrorists as he campaigns for military weapons, but conveniently omits Fulani Herdsmen to hide their deeds and draw attention away from their carnage.

At home, Buhari hardly addresses Fulani Herdsmen killings or pays condolence visit to the victims. 
Bottom line: Sunni Fulani Herdsmen have graduated to waging brutal Jihad against Christians in every part of British-Nigeria with the aid of Buhari administration.

Concerning Nigeria’s deadness and inevitable dissolution, the name “Nigeria” is a derivative of “Negro” which was coined from the Greek root word Necro—meaning dead, cursed, darkness, or lifeless. Nigeria (Nig[g]er-Area) properly translated means country of the dead.
It is on the authority of this satanic moniker that darkness and death pervades the land; and because dead don’t bite, one puny governor may boldly commandeer the entire state’s fund and the electoral process with deadly impunity.

Just as billions of dollars have been invested in power sector (NEPA), in addition to collecting electric bills every month like clockwork but hardly providing electricity; yet nothing happens on the ground where NEPA building stands, or to the swindlers responsible for depriving the masses of electricity.

As you can see, if you accept the name Nigeria from those who came precisely to enslave, murder, and plunder you; or address yourself as Nigerian; or use any other derivative of Negro, Nig(g)er, or Nigeria to describe yourself; you are inadvertently embracing and becoming one with blindness, darkness, numbness, and death.

Because he participated in British hate and plunder driven genocide against Biafra, Buhari continually peddles One Nigeria, and maniacally attempts to exterminate all opposition to his baseless, warped, and indefensible notions.
His best argument so far is not that there are any commonalities or shared values among the constituent nations of British-Nigeria, but that he participated in the British orchestrated war of aggression to recolonize Biafra where more than [3.5 million] people died. 

The criminals who embezzle government funds with no accountability would have you believe that they would die for one Nigeria even though their looted treasures and health care providers are safely located in foreign countries while the impoverished masses die of perfectly curable diseases due to corruption.

But why are government forces killing Northern Christians, minority Shia Muslims, and non-Fulani who are neither supporting his reign of terror nor agitating for independence?

Well, to clear the way for total Islamization and expansion of Sokoto Caliphate.

No further doubt remains, given Buhari’s:

1.    Outright nepotism and Fulani centered government, and tribalization of security forces;
2.    Preferential treatment, arming, and protection of Fulani herdsmen including Fulani herdsmen from neighboring countries;
3.    Scorn, Levity, and injustice toward victims of Fulani herdsmen massacres;
4.    Systematic massacre, abduction and extermination of members of IPOB, MASSOB, and Delta Area freedom fighters, and arbitrary incarceration of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu;
5.    Massacring and displacement of Shia minority and arbitrary incarceration of Shia movement leader Ibrahim Zakzaky;
6.    Full scale genocide of Christians in Southern Kaduna, Borno, and Plateau states by Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram;
7.    Widespread encroachment, infiltration, flooding, and menace of Fulani Herdsmen in all regions of British-Nigeria; destroying crops, pillaging, kidnapping, raping, and forcibly marrying under aged girls especially Christians;
8.    Apparent inaction or collusion of government as seen in Kaduna, Agatu, and Enugu massacres by Fulani herdsmen;

And to what end you ask? Again, for forcible Islamization, and expansion of Sokoto Caliphate.

Since becoming president, Muhammadu Buhari has travelled almost every fortnight for two primary reasons:

1.    In search of sophisticated weapons to repress and brutally Islamize Nigeria.
2.    Medical tourism to extend his brittle life in order to brutally Islamize Nigeria.
Clearly, medical tourism, killing and replenishing of weapons are the only consistent themes in Buhari’s regime besides crippling the economy.

What stands out in Buhari’s purported first conversation with President Trump, as you already know, is plea for military weapons to combat terrorism.

But exactly who are being killed with these weapons?
Employing ordinary mental math;—the killing of hundreds of IPOB peaceful protesters, hundreds of MASSOB members, hundreds in Agatu and Enugu Massacres, thousands in oil Delta areas, thousands in South Kaduna genocide, thousands of Shia Movement members, and thousands of wanton atrocities by British-Nigeria security forces—you would immediately realize that more innocent citizens than Boko Haram terrorists have been and are daily being slaughtered with these weapons.  

Supplying military weapons to the rogue state then is tantamount to aiding and abetting crimes against humanity.
The barbaric government of British-Nigeria promotes, perpetrates, and defends crimes against humanity.

The Northern Islamic leaders dismissively propagate the narrative that farmers are merely clashing with Fulani herdsmen for food despite the fact that Global Terrorism Index ranks Fulani herdsmen/militants the 4th bloodiest terrorist organization on earth. 

Others argue that the herdsmen are deadlier than Boko Haram because they are equipped with highly sophisticated military weapons and don’t have to hide. Also, they set about to massacre, maim, and burn everything in sight, sparing no one or house as the army, police, and others curiously stand down.

Reacting to recent attacks, the Northern political leaders in their usual denial claimed that the above Christmas day massacre was by “unknown elements from outside” and then proceeded to obfuscate, minimize, rain invectives, threaten, and arrest those that encourage defenseless victims to defend themselves in the clear absence of government protection.

Similarly, last year in Enugu, 76 Biafrans were rounded up and jailed for coming together to defend their women against rampaging Fulani rapists and murderers. See
For her part, Britain aids and abets British-Nigeria’s crimes against humanity and welcomes the unrepentant genocidist to UK as part of her enduring imperial policy of one Nigeria and shameless romance with the sordid and murderous Fulani Islamists.

As was said in previous articles, by her callous foreign policies and love for bloody puppets, Britain incessantly abuse the masses of British-Nigeria, especially the beleaguered people of Biafra, and certainly all of black race in the name of “economic interest.” This fact can never be overemphasized.

Britain commits perpetual crimes against humanity every day that British-Nigeria remains.  She is equally culpable in every death resulting from her deeply failed contraption and sadistic support for one destructive Nigeria.
She has alienated that which is most precious, fundamental, and inalienable from Biafra and Africa at large—freedom and Independence—and imposed blood gobbling slobs upon the land. 

What was once believed to be independence in 1960 turned out to be nothing short of classic British treachery.
Britain forcibly agglomerated the disparate nations that make up British-Nigeria to foment conflict for the sake of economic exploitation which she masked as administrative convenience in 1914.

But when mandated by United Nations General Assembly Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples in 1960—to completely restore their “Independence and Freedom” according to their freely expressed will, in consonance with the United Nations Rights of Indigenous Peoples to freely determine without external interference their political status,”—she treacherously established a puppet-puppeteer proxy through Sokoto caliphate to maintain the critical infrastructure of colonialism while falsely declaring Nigeria independent in 1960.

In other words, rather than a decent respect for human freedom and dignity, Britain embarked on a malignant neocolonial venture by manipulating censuses and elections in favor of her Fulani lap dogs in brazen fraud, circumvention, and violation of all UN charters to restore the sovereignties it had snatched. 

There are two questions that British government and her cronies must answer:

1.    Why is the oil rich Biafra Nation of 60 million Christians denied referendum and independence; but forcibly entangled with and controlled by Sunni Muslims from Sahel region of Sahara Desert?
2.    Where is Biafra’s Independence according to United Nations’ mandates?

Since the British government is against Black referendum, or peaceful dissolution of her inhumane edifice of plunder and genocide; then, she is unmistakably instigating another genocidal war because there is no realistic way to unite with bloody predators whose continual mindset is Islamic Caliphate, Sharia law, thievery, intimidation, treachery, and domination of the rest.

Finally, British-Nigeria is the only country where visibly sickly men or the living dead seek power, get power, abuse power, and die in power.

Buhari’s reign has expired. The only duty remaining for the next president is to immediately divide Nigeria or face the consequence.

Synthetic or unnatural leaders shall remain under the curse of their stolen powers, wicked fantasies, and death until freedom, justice, and independence, especially for Biafra, is restored.  
As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to remain silent”
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