By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
March 8, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
Let me quickly praise the audacity of Abu Najakku to wade into the issue of De- great Nnamdi Kanu; I really don’t know where he came from but Daily Trust News can give a better account. I hurriedly read the article by him on Daily Trust titled ‘Nnamdi Kanu and his emissaries of new Igbo essence’ and while I read between the lines; I was filled with joy that he could not hide his emotions. Before anything; it is imperative to thank ‘The Great Nnamdi Kanu’ for opening the eyes of the people of Biafra to the essence of media. This time is no longer a time anybody can come out and rant and go free; it is either the writer is disgraced with facts and figures or he is taught a bitter lesson. Before now; the people of Biafra embraced business and allowed others control them through social media but with the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra has occupied social media. This rejoinder is courtesy of what Nnamdi Kanu made the people of Biafra within a period of two years.

Let me start first by letting Abu Najakku know that Nnamdi Kanu is not in the same class with Awolowo and co. It would be very insulting and grossly derogatory to compare Nnamdi Kanu to that bunch of selfish and tribal bigots. It is very unreasonable and poorly judged to compare Nnamdi Kanu to a bunch of political leaders that oversaw or shaped this failed state called Nigeria. It is more insulting to compare Nnamdi Kanu who is a human and fighting for his human nature to bunch of ‘Noble Experiment’ Lord Lugard’s created politicians. Who is Awolowo and his cohorts to be compared to a man whose intelligence is without equal or second to non; let me make it clear once more. Nnamdi Kanu is creating an era unlike Awolowo and his cohorts that tried redefinition; he is pursuing a new dawn that is beyond politics. He is freeing an era from religious slavery, political slavery, mental slavery and undoing everything done over 5 thousand years ago. He is daring that thing Awolowo and his cohorts could not dare; he is not a politician made leader like Awolowo and his cohorts; he is a reason; knowledge-made and a leader chosen by substance. He is in same class with Lord Lugard; fighting the evil or enslavement by Britain and not swimming in the enslavement like Awolowo and co. It becomes unreasonable to compare them; Soludo never compared them but cited circumstances.

Abu Najakku in his article entirely showed his anger at the level Nnamdi Kanu has reached; while he allowed his emotion to write- sending reason on exile, it is very crucial that this article address his fragile emotion. How a small boy has appeared in virtually all tabloids of the world; known in the whole world. How a small boy like Nnamdi Kanu could be respected to the extent that everybody is trooping into Kuje prison since he was arrested. How a small boy like Nnamdi Kanu could be respected and gained the attention of men like Soludo, Utomi etc, that is Abu’s bone of contention. Abu Najakku is still surprised or rather angry that Nnamdi Kanu has reached a horizon that places him as the star of the Eastern region or nation of Biafra. We are all astonished just like Abu Najakku; but we must admit the will of God almighty for he maketh a king. Awolowo and his cohorts may have reached a height as a result of their political ambition but Nnamdi Kanu reached a more remarkable height because of his selfless sacrifice devoid of politics. That is the difference and what places Nnamdi Kanu beyond the bunch of men mentioned in his article. Nnamdi Kanu can be compared to the likes of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi of India; no Nigerian product is worth comparison to Nnamdi Kanu. Annkio Briggs, Asari Dokubo, and LNC should also be attacked by this Abu Najakku for backing their own. Niger Delta militants should also be killed for demanding the release of Nnamdi Kanu as Soludo and co has done.

Again; it surprises Abu Najakku that the people of Biafra have learned to protect or defend their own unlike before when we allowed Nigeria take the life of Ken Saro Wiwa. He is pained that the failed leadership issue in Biafra is being addressed by virtue of coming together and talking with one voice- championed by Nnamdi Kanu. He is disturbed that leaders at all level are now conscious of the people of Biafra and speaking the mind of the people. Before now; leaders in Biafra often face their pocket and neglect the issue bothering their people. But today; as the entire people of Biafra are agitating and demanding the release of their chosen leader Nnamdi Kanu, prominent leaders in various categories are also asking the same thing. He is surprised that there is change of approach and he could not believe the fact that even elders and leaders in Biafra that should be serving Abuja have somehow rejected their slavery to stand behind their people. What Abu Najakku failed to understand is that Biafrans are descendants of Solomon and having seen that self realization is a threat to their enemies, we would continue to realize ourselves. Soludo, Utomi, Law Mefor and many other leaders in various categories will instead double the effort to address the agitation by the people of Biafra which Nnamdi Kanu’s release is the starting point.

What is Abu Najakku saying? I bet this young man is a product of barbaric almajiri institution who is devoid of Western experience or knowledge. Talking about the court case and how charges were retained; this hapless and emotionally broken writer captured a thing of interest. When Muhamadu Buhari flouted orders of a two competent Court of jurisdiction, this thoughtless writer still rant about a case to be heard while there is pending contempt of Court order. He even noted the crimes of Nnamdi Kanu which were criticisms of Buhari. He strongly believes that what made Nnamdi Kanu a mad man was addressing Muhamadu Buhari as a paedophile and a terrorist, he said that for calling out Muhmadu Buhari, that Nnamdi Kanu must be jailed. This idiotic writer failed to grab that paedophilia is a culture in Islam and Buhari is not even offended. He also failed to calculate or check how old Aisha was when Buhari married her, he also failed to go back to statements made by Buhari to confirm that he is a terrorist. But lets leave everything till time of defense and he would be put to rest. How about Barrack Obama Nnamdi Kanu called a terrorist and an Islamic bigot? How about all the people Nnamdi Kanu criticized and expressed his view on? Why did they not seek legal action? Because they are civilized men that understands criticism or bitter truth leads to perfection. There is no difference between this Abu Najakku and his pay master Muhamadu Buhari; hatred wouldn’t give reason a chance.

Abu Najakku can wail as loud as he wants; there is already redefinition and sensitization going on in Biafra. If Muhamadu Buhari can open his mouth and defend his terrorist group- that attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the North, then Soludo and other Eastern leaders will continue to fight for and defend peaceful, lawful and civilized Nnamdi Kanu. If Northern states could force Jonathan to fire Ihejirika for fighting Boko Haram; Eastern Nigeria will fire Buhari for detaining and killing peaceful and lawful people of Biafra. If Northern region championed by Buhari will continue to release captured Boko Haram terrorists while he fights to detain Nnamdi Kanu for expressing himself, then Soludo and many others will speak against the illegal detention of lawful leader of Indigenous People of Biafra.

Before ending this piece; it is worthy to bring to the knowledge of Abu Najakku that the changes he is now seeing in Eastern Nigeria where leaders in various categories are speaking the mind of the people is the making of Nnamdi Kanu. If Nigeria ever had someone like Nnamdi Kanu; she won’t be in this economic recession and failed state. If Awolowo and his cohorts were half of what Nnamdi Kanu is; Nigeria would have been a workable entity. To us the people of Biafra; Nnamdi Kanu is not a political leader like the flock you saw in Nigeria, but Nnamdi Kanu is another ‘Jesus’ to us. You can quickly hang yourself or hug a transformer; as you can see, Nnamdi Kanu has championed the world and thriving on a world stage. If you think that the ‘zoo’ has what it takes to illegally jail Nnamdi Kanu and force him to seek pardon, then you are dreaming because you have not known how fanatical  we are about our leader.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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