By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Reports for TBP
March 18, 2017

Biafra agitators been taken to prison
The Biafra Post can reliably report that IPOB family meetings are going on across prisons in Biafra land under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The prisoners are not left out in the quest for the restoration of Biafra. The quest for the restoration of Biafra has been made golden again after many had rightly or wrongly thought that the way it was abused by Ralph Uwazurike would kill any hope of making it come alive again; but the people of Biafra have endeared their selves to the struggle for the restoration of Biafra that anywhere they found themselves, they keep hope of Biafra alive. Continued arrest and detention of the people of Biafra has not in any way affected the passion or resolve of the people of Biafra as in various prisons across Eastern Nigeria, inmates hold IPOB family meetings.

Since the agitation now championed by Nnamdi Kanu took prominence; the FG of Nigeria has approached it tactlessly, instead of politically address the agitation or engage the agitators via dialogue, they chose military approach which has repeatedly backfired. The military approach has resulted in the murder of over one thousand Biafrans with remarkable massacre recorded in Rivers, Delta, Anambra, Abia and more. The military action also ensured unlawful arrest and detention of agitators; the people that were fortunate not be out-rightly murdered are detained and imprisoned; although in certain cases summarily executed.

Prisons across Eastern Nigeria (Biafra land) are populated by Biafra agitators; some were arrested during peaceful protests and rallies while some were whisked away from their various homes. Forceful disappearance became a norm; prisoners are not taken care of because nobody knows they are imprisoned. Some alleged their burial ceremonies might have been held and their families lost hope of their reappearance. Many that were imprisoned during the time of MASSOB are either awaiting trial or imprisoned for life. The new Biafra agitators imprisoned since Nnamdi Kanu started championing Biafra restoration are well taken care of by IPOB and their dedication influenced others who now followed them up in IPOB family meetings in the yard.

Most prisoners that have been subjugated to all forms of injustices have also joined the family meetings and when Biafra Reporters - (Reporters for The Biafra Post) toured the prisons, they said “We are part of IPOB family meeting because that is our only hope of justice. When Biafra is restored; we shall leave this place and even though we stay, justice will be done because Nigeria is a citadel of injustice”. The inmates also noted they fast and pray for Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra to be restored as soon as possible. “We fast and pray; that is one thing we observe here and in the meeting, we identify ourselves for the purpose of tomorrow. We are freedom fighters in detention and we shall continue to fight for freedom even though we die today” their coordinator said to Biafra Reporters.

A warder that spoke to The Biafra Post on the condition of privacy disclosed that almost all the prisoners in various yards across Eastern Nigeria were brought in as a result of Biafra activities “I am a Biafran and we are waiting for the time we shall go. It is very unfortunate that criminals are hardly brought in but innocent Biafra activists are brought in here. Prisons across Eastern Nigeria are saturated by victims of Biafra activism. They gather in this yard and other yards I have worked and they discuss; they wear Biafra bangles and crest, nobody questions them. We only identify with their coordinator or chairman to make sure the yard is safe. They have the right to gather and they have always done that wisely”. The warder further made it clear that they are more determined than even most free activists due to their spiritual connection.

Speaking further; another warder noted that prisoners now worship and praise Nnamdi Kanu and casting all their hopes on him. He pointed out that there is a growing fear that they might revolt or attempt prison break if Nnamdi Kanu is jailed, killed or hurt because they believe war will be the outcome of any attack against Nnamdi Kanu. “The issue of Nnamdi Kanu has overwhelmed everything and there is this sympathy and hope. If care is not taken, something disastrous will happen. There is a belief that Nnamdi Kanu is the last hope and should anything negative happen to him, everybody will rise to the challenge. Most of them here believe that war will be declared if Nnamdi Kanu is touched and deep down their heart, they want war. They are always talking about their Director and that soon; everything will be fine. I am against this because the outcome will be disastrous; inmates must be stopped from further meetings to avoid hatching plans and Nnamdi Kanu issue is poison”

The prison is getting congested due to influx of Biafra activists and innocent people of Biafra; yet that has not affected the struggle for the restoration of Biafra. Biafra Reporters has found out that the inmates see themselves as heroes any time they are imprisoned because of Biafra. Speaking during a visit by Biafra Reporters in Portharcourt; an inmate disclosed that he feels safe and has a sense of responsibility being in detention for the freedom of his people. “I was picked from my home last year; IPOB family meeting in my zone is aware of my travails and they would tell my story tomorrow when Biafra is restored and my condition today will be a thing of glory tomorrow” an inmate who identified himself as Chibuike said.

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