By Ifeanyi Chijioke| Writes for TBP
March 23, 2017

A Biafran raising Biafra Flag while a passerbye looks on
Five years later; Biafra Reporters (Reporters for The Biafra Post) after a forensic investigation has obtained a report of how Billie Human Right defrauded Col. Joe Achuzie and Dr Ikedife over Biafra agitation. Billie Human Right is a group established by a legal practitioner (name withheld) who resides in London and whose aim was allegedly to fight for the restoration of sovereign state of Biafra but that was never the case. The group which has no structure until recently was involved in petitioning the FG of Nigeria at Owerri High Court which it said will restore Biafra. During the time of this petition; there was no agitation from the group if not taking advantage of the petition to hold certain elements to ransom.

According to the report obtained by The Biafra Post; the lawyer (name withheld) who founded Billie Human Right had written his petition against Nigeria in London which he did alone and then came back to Nigeria to pursue the case. Contained in the petition is for Nigeria to admit the indigenous existence of Biafra among other things which shall be bestowed. Every effort to get the duplicate of the petition proved futile as Billie Human Right could not release it for reasons best known to them when contacted.

The report further disclosed that when the founder of Billie Human Right came into Nigeria to seek power of attorney; he met Dr Ikedife and Col. Joe Achuzie to get the power of attorney from the two elders to enable him go to Court with the Nigerian government. The voluminous petition was submitted to the two elders to go through it before bestowing power of attorney.

A source close to the two elders noted that the elders were not satisfied with the petition as they did not see any possibility of winning such case in a Nigerian Court. They also contemplated convening a meeting of elder council but felt it is not necessary as they are not yet aware if the petitioner mean business or not. “The handling of Biafra agitation by Uwazurike ensured that nobody is trusted when Biafra is mentioned and that affected the petitioner. Col. Achuzie thought about this with Ikedife, they went through the petition but decided to keep quiet because they fear petitioning Nigeria government in Nigeria Court is unserious but a business venture which Uwazurike proved Biafra can be used for business”

After a long time; the petitioner waited for the elders to approve the petition but did not get it from them, he then single handedly approached Owerri High Court with claim that the two elders have given him power of attorney and that was the ‘fraud’. The case was initiated but he came back to the elders with the suit number and looking at the whole thing, the elders had no choice but to keep quiet. Sources disclosed that Col. Achuzie was furious at the initial time but calmed down after agreement was reached.

The petitioner in order to get the heart of the elders to back his business ‘Biafra in Owerri Court’ ensured that he explicitly made it clear the pattern of leadership of Indigenous people of Biafra which he bestowed leadership on the elders leaving modern pattern of having them as elder statesmen on advisory capacity. This enticed the elders and they backed the petition they never gave power of attorney. A source who identified as a witness said to this platform that the major aim of giving the elders the position was to pay them off and allow the petitioner to freely go on with his business.

After the petition; the business stabilized and the elders found themselves  in a position of authority and being used without their knowledge. The Nigerian state decided to identify with the petitioners and people involved which was the initial aim of Billie Human Right. They had meetings upon meetings with the FG and were able to stay connected in government and life became a bed of roses. The elders are always fronted to represent the group while the petitioners go about their business fluently. A reliable source close to Col. Joe Achuzie noted that he was not fully in support as he never wanted anything that would jeopardize his name. “Achuzie never showed his face like Ikedife because he knew he is a golden figure. He prefers them to go and come back and report to him while he criticizes and think of another action to be taken” a reliable source said.

When Biafra agitation under Nnamdi Kanu took prominence; Radio Biafra was able to critically assess the activities of Billie Human Right which was fraudulent and that was when the tide turned against the petitioner. The elders slowly began to withdraw themselves and The Customary Government of Biafra was formed out of the consent of the petition. The elders categorically took their position and then informed Billie Human Right that he was contracted as a legal team to fight a cause for them. This brought about crack in the rank; a source said that when this was established, Billie took offence and felt betrayed because he thought it was a company with separation of powers.

Customary Government came into existence and Billie was separated and things began to fall apart. Achuzie had threatened to dismiss Billie Human Right over what he tagged incompetence to execute desired result in the ongoing Court case in an interview granted to Biafra Reporters in 2015. He noted that it was time to take the matter international as Nigerian government keeps changing lawyers and adjourning the matter. When it was all clear that Billie Human Right has failed and soiled the name of Biafra by means of mingling with the government of the day instead of agitating for Biafra restoration. The separation of Customary Government from Billie Human Right was concluded but to remain relevant or entirely never out of the picture, the legal fiasco continued.

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