By Chima Onyekachi | Writes for TBP
March 22, 2017

French Ambassador to Nigeria; Denys Gauer
Recently, France Ambassador to Nigeria, Denys Gauer in an interview noted that his home country would not in any way work with any group agitating for the dismemberment of the country and pledged his country’s support for Nigeria. Gauer pointed out that Nigeria has evolved since the civil war but refused to acknowledge that the country is more divided than ever before. He conspicuously kept silent on the extra judicial killings and violence against innocent and defenseless Biafrans by the Nigeria security forces, neither did he speak out against the continuous disobedience to the rule of law by the Nigeria government.

French Ambassador Gauer has decided his country will rather sell weapons to the Nigeria Army that prefers to kill innocent citizens than to fight the Boko Haram insurgency that has ravished the country. It is on record that the Nigeria soldiers have killed more Shiites and Biafrans than they have against members of the Boko Haram terrorists group. The Nigeria Army ought to be listed in the list of deadliest terrorists group in the world as evidence abound on their acts of destructions against innocent citizens. How long will Denys Gauer pretend ignorance that his country is arming a government trained terrorists group in Nigeria?

It was reported that the French Ambassador pointed out that there is no future for Biafra and urged the people of Biafra to continue to be part of Nigeria. It is obvious that Denys Gauer is a hypocrite or he failed to get some historical facts from his grandparents or parents. France chose to engage in a revolution for ten years against King Louis XVI which led to the end of the monarchy and the execution of the King. The older generations of French men and women felt cheated and exploited by the monarchy and chose to fight for the freedom which the myopic-minded ambassador is enjoying now.

Ambassador Gauer must learn from the exploits of his ancestry, that freedom is never given freely to anyone but taken forcefully. His home country, France, is a witness to the genocide carried out against the people of Biafra from 1967-70 even though he pretends ignorance. The zeal and determination exhibited by that generation of Biafrans that made France to give its humanitarian support is nothing compared to the resoluteness and resilience of these present generations of Biafra.

From 1967-70, the people of Biafra withstood the genocide carried out against them by the Nigeria government backed by then foreign governments of Britain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others. Starvation was used as a weapon of war and at the same time the lands in Biafra were bared stricken with arms and ammunitions purchased from the British government. After “No Victor No Vanquished” was declared to end the extermination of Biafrans, the subjugation continued as every Biafran with an active bank account was given only the sum of twenty (20) pounds in exchange for whatever is saved up in the account, no matter the amount. The marginalization against the people of Biafra has continued but that did not stifle the efforts of Biafrans to grow in most sector they have found themselves.

Even as the main source of Nigeria’s wealth is found in Biafra Land, the people of Biafra have never felt the impact of been the economic livewire of the Nigeria society. The Muhammadu Buhari administration has never hidden its disdain for Biafrans as the president has openly remarked on his readiness to destroy the people of Biafra if they continue to clamor for the right to self-determination. The death threat from the Nigeria president has been carried out through the Nigeria security forces who have continued to kill innocent and defenseless Biafrans.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, have brought the attention of the world to the clamor for the restoration of Biafra and that has driven the French Ambassador to make his personal comment which must be ignored and not taken serious. The peaceful and intelligent approach of IPOB towards the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra should never be seen as cowardice and Denys Gauer needs to be reminded that in 1967-70, the people of Biafra were able to invent their own weapons when the French government refused to support the Biafra government with weapons. The then French government was more interested in the “Bakassi Peninsula” bribe from the Nigeria Head of State, Yakubu Gowon.

 I specially invite Denys Gauer for an enlightenment session in the next Biafra Genocide Exhibition that is stipulated to be held in France, with the hope he will be thoroughly educated on the need for the people of Biafra to be respected in their choice to exercise their right to self-determination. As a representative of France, he ought to speak civilly and proffer a civil solution such as a referendum, in other to avoid another war and crisis in Africa.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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