By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
March 9, 2017

Ghost of Buhari calling his cabals in Aso Rock
Alighting from the car; I was received by a friend I had come to meet, his very question was “You are aware; I will believe anything you answer me and tell others, please is Buhari dead or alive?” I found myself in a tight corner; what I will answer is a very big problem because it would go a long way rating my level of awareness. I looked at him and smiled; but I was concealing the anger I nurse over what Nigerian government is all about. They never stopped lying and this means everybody has to lie to balance the whole thing. I must lie to my friend although I hate lies; I was nursing great anger for what Buhari and his cohorts have made of humanity.

As a Nigerian; you hardly stay away from lies to remain relevant or succeed, you are either an innocent liar or a guilty liar, whichever way, and you are a liar. These people would pick up their gun and shoot to kill peaceful Biafrans in a rally and the whole thing captured in a video but next, you see them lying- denying they never shot even in the air. You see them kill or sack a community because a soldier was disarmed while constituting one nuisance or another but you see them lying again that they only made an arrest. There is a very big problem with Nigeria; it entirely seems like it cannot live without lies, my guess could be right, even the creator of Nigeria is a fraudulent man, a liar and a killer- Lord Lugard.

What do you want a truth-loving Biafran like me to say; should I say Buhari is dead while his spirit keeps calling Obasanjo; Lai Muhammed, and all pro-government elements. Should I say that he is alive when he left the seat he fought for all his life for a vacation in London? If anyone loves that seat of power; it is Buhari because since 1980s, he has been dreaming and fighting to occupy Nigerian seat of power. He has occupied it and it would not make sense to say vacation took him away for months and counting, anything that kept him away from that seat of power is something beyond his control.

The rate of phone calls is alarming; this President that prefers playing hide and seek game with the people that voted him must have known that his people are animals- monkeys and baboons, of course, they are pure monkeys. How could they spend their time and energy to stand under the sun and cast their votes, pay their taxes and loyalties but only to be toyed with? It is disgraceful that no Nigerian can give the account of their president. Budget missed last year; everything is missing and now the man himself is missing. The next that will go missing very soon is Nigeria itself; it is now very clear that everything is miss-able in Nigeria. The constitution of Nigeria missed when a competent Court of jurisdiction ordered for Nnamdi Kanu’s immediate release. The judiciary also missed which gave Buhari right to adjudicate; rule and counter-rule through Justice John Tsoho.

Calls are flying in the air like flock of birds and connecting the phones of pro- Buhari or his allies; these magical calls that never connected the phones of opposition politicians to disappoint their prayers is quite strange. Why can’t this call connect Femi-Fani Kayode who would take tubers of yam to the church once Buhari is confirmed dead? Why can’t this call connect the phones of jubilating Nigerians and the Yoruba prayer warriors giving God thanks for making way for Osinbajo. This call to connect radical Fayose; he would quickly turn against anyone that says Buhari is dead. In all fairness; the people of Nigeria trust Fayose more than any other person in Nigeria. Imagine a situation Fayose turns against anybody that says that Buhari is dead when he must have confirmed Buhari’s call; what a great news for APC. My wahala with these calls is they connect people that don’t need to speak to Buhari; while people that desperately need Buhari’s voice, the call enter voice mail.

This call wahala seems to be connecting only APC members and people that are not interested in Buhari’s death rumor. The biggest show was when the call connected the office of US President; APC had clearly said that Buhari will leave the country on vacation and handed over power to Osinbajo, Osinbajo became the president of Nigeria on acting capacity. But suddenly Donald Trump called Nigerian president and Osinbajo stopped being the president of Nigeria; the call diverted to London where Donald Trump allegedly spoke with Buhari. My other concern is the content of these calls; while Donald Trump congratulated Buhari for funding Hilary Clinton’s campaign; Buhari assured him that he would fight him in the next election.

Buhari called Gowon to condole with him over the loss of his sibling; nobody ever condoled with Buhari or answered to wish him quick recovery, he is hale and hearty. Buhari was able to talk from his sick bed but nobody ever told us what his voice sounds like. Is the voice like the voice of a spirit calling his family- such we hear in poor horror Nigerian films? Is his voice like that of a dying man or that of a sound athlete? This voice that is afraid of talking to Fayose and other opposition politicians; what exactly does it fear? This voice that cannot call journalists or talk to journalists but always talks to Aso Rock cabals; what does it fear? Why are these people taking Nigerians like their wayward girls they rape and come back tomorrow to rape again without questions?

I have ordered MTN to make my phone number public so that this call can connect me; even Fayose has made his own phone number public and praying for a connection. This president of phone calls; when will he stop taking his people for a ride like a professional rider? The people of Nigeria are too small to be addressed on the television; they are too small for Buhari’s call to be recorded for them to know the state of their mandate holder and too small to be called. Don’t be surprised that those cabals the spiritual calls are connecting didn’t cast votes that delivered Buhari. What kind of life is this one; is Buhari hiding from Nigerians and the public that he suddenly embraced phone calls to select politicians! Is Buhari’s voice so golden or expensive that Nigerians can’t pay to hear? If this kind of thing happens in Biafra; Biafrans will demand for probe because Buhari may have been kidnapped.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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