February 18, 2017

Religion is a limitation to reasoning and only when we reason shall we find God. We must free ourselves from religious slavery and embrace the perfection of God which comes through reasoning for God represents superior reason (Religious Quote). Join Ifeanyi Chijioke on his religious program and be path of this redefining generation.

Igbo theology (Odinani)
I met an indigenous priest last week; who has ability to heal all kinds of ailment and when I stepped into his home, I saw trees tied with white pieces of cloths and probably stained with blood of animals in a routine sacrifice or offering. I was practically frightened because I have not been to such place all my life and now I was going to talk to the priest on religious matters. I sat down where visitors could meet him and he kept receiving calls until he came out for me. He was so pleased that a journalist found him to discuss religion. My first question after we exchanged pleasantries was “what is the name of your god - you worship?” he quickly replied me as he smiled “You look at some of us and think we are idol worshippers, but as for me, I worship God of our forefathers, God of Isaac, Abraham, Moses and all of them you can name. If I pick up a kola in the morning; I call on Chukwu Okike Abiama and he is whom I worship. This place you stepped unto is visitor’s quarter; if you go into my temple or shrine; if you bear anything evil for a fellow man without cause, you will not make it alive” he said as I quickly examined my mind to make sure I am holy.

He further stated that the white cloths I see and some other religious apparatus should not scare me because they are all in the church or any place of worship. “You go to temples and see candles; white cloths and all these things you see here. I don’t worship these trees you see here but due to I am indigenous; I know that God created trees among things that should serve our needs. We can clear the trees and build a good alter or shrine for Chukwu Okike Abiama but I love natural setting because God is nature” he said.

I am a keen observer and respecter of wisdom; this is the common thing that got me addicted to Nnamdi Kanu. I have always wanted to come to platforms I can sufficiently reason and Radio Biafra gave me the biggest opportunity when Nnamdi Kanu said ‘Come let us reason and superior reason flourishes’. It takes wisdom soaked in confidence for one to throw up such challenge; only a man that knows where he came from and where he is going can throw up such challenge. If Africa knows the asset she has in Nnamdi Kanu; she would confront Muhammadu Buhari and ensure Kanu’s safety and protection. The wisdom he possesses is one that can change the mindset of the world and slowly Biafrans have learned how to die for a better tomorrow, something alien to Africa. With Nnamdi Kanu; Africa can become world leading civilization, everything looks possible with him.

We have so much deceived ourselves in the name of worshipping Jesus Christ; this god we newly found pushed us into destroying everything our forefathers left behind. We are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Solomon, David etc. if we are honorable children; we wouldn’t have deviated from the originality of our forefathers to embrace a religion brought to us from Europe. The worst of this self-deceit is; Jesus Christ we today worship; when he was alive worshipped God of our forefathers. Abraham never went to Redeem church, Mountain of Fire church, he never went to Dominion City nor Catholic church. This pushed me to ask once more; where did we learn this act of going to church and worshipping Jesus Christ while Jesus Christ never went to any church but worshipped Chukwu Okike Abiama in a temple (shrines)?

I went to my village last four years and I was told there was a prayer meeting; I was so happy that my village was turning to God, but when I went to that prayer meeting, I was told that prayer warriors want to destroy all the shrines in my village. They cited that a particular chief priest was responsible for the backwardness of the entire village. They said that the shrine was responsible for all the evil and failures in the village. Will destroying shrines and everything, our fathers' religious legacy solve our problems? If we are so convinced of our Jesus Christ; why not ask him to supersede or intercede for us when shrine is over us. If we so much believe that we worship a god greater than the God of our forefathers; let the god make a name for himself than we moving in to destroy inherited religion or indigenous religion.

Most people may quickly label me idol worshipper; but that is a wrong impression, I worship Chkwu Okike Abiama. We forbid going to indigenous shrine because we deem it unholy; we were so obsessed with foreign religion that we forgot that we can make our shrines a holy one. We can change the mindset of priests and make them understand that Chukwu Okike Abiama gave them power to bring roots together and talk to it and it obeys. We can turn around and make that shrine a holy shrine where only the pure in heart can step on. Go to Israel where we came from and see that shrines can be holy and temple of Solomon still kept intact. We must not deviate from the way of our forefathers; we should only try and civilize it.

We go to church and a pastor prays for miracle; gives you anointing oil and holy water; you take home and sprinkle or rob for breakthrough. Sometimes; a pastor or reverend Father prays and magically you get miracle; by virtue of Satan’s ability to do such, what is your guarantee that Satan is not at work? On the other side; we go to our indigenous shrines, our indigenous priest gives you a root, gives you a pot and other things for your breakthrough and when you come home with it, you are labeled an evil man. A pastor or Reverend father gives you back-to-sender oil or oil to destroy your enemies; gives you quotations and you go home and do as you were told and your enemy dies. An indigenous priest gives you ashes and piece of cloths and a quotation to destroy your enemies and when you do; you are called evil man by that same man that received his own from his pastor. This is clearly a misconception and just a touch of perfection for everything to be alright.

Whatsoever the activities of the indigenous priest are; it is imperative to know that they believe in God of Abraham and so needed a touch of perfection to be as holy as God of Abraham. Without learning; no one would be good and our indigenous religion might have been starved of knowledge which might have bastardized it. You cannot tell me that foreign religion that deals magically can be better than that of our indigenous religion that is practically based in the sense that roots heal and prayers answered through Chukwu Okike Abiama.

We have so much suffered while we have answers to everything; God gave us access to himself and control over everything he created through our indigenous religion. It did that a root can be sent on an errand and it honors us. It is possible that we can boil roots and leaves and permanently heal any kind of ailment. It is possible that we can call on Him and directly hear Him; we must not abandon our indigenous religion simply because some elements misuse the gift God gave to them. We must not abandon our indigenous religion because we were told that old things have passed away. Old thing passing away means our forefathers neglected and our ancient God abandoned. God is the same and never changes; he is always new, the same yesterday, today and forever; and that is; old things cannot pass away.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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