Nigerians have called on the National Assembly to declare Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo president of Nigeria.
Their call came following the Sunday’s announcement that President Buhari has decided to extend his vacation indefinitely in the UK.
The presidency in a statement on Sunday said Buhari would no longer return home today as he would stay back to undergo some tests.

Many Nigerians who spoke with DAILY POST on Sunday asked the national assembly to declare Buhari incapacitated and install the acting President, Osonbajo the president.
A political observer, James Edeh blamed the presidency for refusing to disclose the true status of Buhari’s health.

‘I think it is high time the national Assembly declared Buhari unfit. They cannot continue to toy with over 160 million people. The truth is Buhari is no longer fit to rule this nation. Let them install as the new leader,’ he said.
Also speaking, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Kaduna State, Jamil Seidu warned the presidency to stop playing hide and seek game with the President’s health.
He said, “Enough of this hide and seek game. Let them tell us whatever it is. We are tired of this drama. From every indication, Baba (Buhari) is no longer active to lead this country, let the Vice take over.”

Social and political analyst, Segun Adewale said Nigerians are tired of waiting for this president, saying that, “if the worst has happened, they should let us know. We are no longer happy with the development.”
Similarly, a quick look at the social media show that many Nigerians are venting their spleen over the extension of Buhari’s vacation.
Many social media users, who expressed their views asked the president to address the nation via a live broadcast to be sure he is still alive.



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