By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 20, 2017

Micheal kosisochukwu Chimuanya Uwakwe is the only son of late Mazi Justus Ikechi Uwakwe who the murderous Nigerian armed forces shot dead on the 20th January 2017 Trump Solidarity Rally; Igweocha
The purpose of writing this response as an address is to sufficiently pour out my heart to the Nigerian military commanded by a Muslim fanatic who said he would kill more Biafrans to keep Nigeria one and he is living up the promise. The culture of lie in Nigeria has affected every institution of Nigeria; IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu will stop at nothing but destroy Nigeria with simple truth. It is imperative to understand that the reason Nnamdi Kanu is detained today is simply because he spoke nothing but truth on Radio Biafra. This goes to show that truth is prohibited in Nigeria and it is a customary thing to deny the massacre of Biafrans on Trump Solidarity rally. The approach of a wise man is to first know that anything that comes out of Nigeria is false; then investigation follows afterwards.

It took Nigerian military command weeks to react- deny the killing of over 20 Biafrans which is adding salt to our injury; 11 gunned down at a spot and 9 later died in different hospitals with many still suffering various degrees of bullet injuries, I can take the military command to see victims of their State sponsored terrorism, I can take them to the fatherless child of their victim that IPOB just buried last week, I can give them a picture of a head shot, to know that they came to kill. This heartless customary denial coming this late is renewing our tears; reminding us that we are not human beings, reminding us that the world only look on while they murder us, reminding us that they would kill us and say nothing happened because they always get away with each massacre since 1967. It pains so much that after taking away the lives of innocent people of Biafra through their guns and bullets; instead of them to apologize or initiate probe to bring the perpetrators of such crime against humanity to book, the military command stands without conscience to deny their acts and defend their murderous soldiers. This is a huge disrespect to the dead and more of the reason Biafrans cannot stay in a country where their lives are not valued or guaranteed because we value the sanctity of life. Since 2015; Nigerian military command has continued to deny each round of massacre, deny even digitally documented massacre, deny and fight Amnesty International because of an indicting report on the chilling clamp down on peaceful protesting Biafrans with incontrovertible evidences. Everything is denied while Biafrans lose their loved ones without regaining their corpses, bury fathers and brothers, mothers and sisters, made our children orphans, our men widowers and women widows. Upon all these pains and unbearable condition; the military command has the temerity to deny instead of plead, rebuke, probe or take disciplinary measures against their murderous wards.

A wounded and an arrested Biafran being taken away by the Nigerian military at a Trump Rally in Igweocha
Nigerian military has lost the credibility a disciplined military force is known for; politicians have taught them how to lie and murder citizens without recourse. From Lia Muhammed to the present lies regarding the disappearance of Muhammadu Buhari is enough reason to disregard the press statement from the Nigerian military. One thing is very certain; Nigerian military has seen killing Biafrans as a business they must do; especially from when Muhammadu Buhari commanded them to keep Nigeria one and fight agitation for self-determination which he termed “political madness”. The Nigerian military was made to understand that Biafra agitators are criminals; who stand against the sovereignty of the country and hence military action against Biafra agitators is justified. In the press statement from the military command in Portharcourt; you can confirm the position through terming IPOB a “criminal gang”.

Denying that there was no military confrontation leading to multiple deaths on Trump solidarity rally is not a surprise; this same military command denied Amnesty International’s report even when video evidences were starring at them. They have murdered over one thousand Biafrans and continue to deny; Biafrans bury their loved ones everyday and they continue to deny. In various mortuaries; hospitals and homes, Biafrans are suffering bullet injuries and deceased waiting to be buried, yet they deny any confrontation. You Nigerian military command has lost regard for humanity to have continue to deny even when your hands are soaked in blood.

A time the Military command should be apologizing for unprofessionalism; they are denying their own act and this plainly shows that there is no plan of stopping their military action against unarmed people peacefully going about a democratic business. If Nigerian military command could attack Amnesty International for releasing the report or documents of aggression against unarmed Biafrans with video evidences; then they would go beyond denying the massacre at Trump Solidarity Rally. The killing business of Nigerian military is a good business to them because Biafrans are peaceful and unarmed. They have killed more Biafrans than Boko Haram; they have also killed more Biafrans than any armed group. Unarmed citizens suffer immeasurably because the military found strength in killing them; until they stop denying and apologize or rebuke the soldiers, they would continue to go on with their business of killing unarmed peaceful Biafrans in the name of keeping Nigeria one.

It is therefore time for the world to stand to the challenge of defending humanity and human rights which Nigerian military have continued to destroy. The worst thing that can happen is to engage in a thing and deny even when everything is against you; it simply shows repentance is not near. Nigerian military by virtue of denying their acts spits on the graves of murdered Biafrans and sends clear message that they are not ready to stop the massacre. Humanity is under siege in Nigeria because crimes against humanity are strongly being supported by even offices that are supposed to address it. Until the relevant world authorities address the killing of Biafrans; Nigerian military will continue the game of 'kill and deny' until there is no one left to be free person.

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