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[WEEKLY DIGEST; Feb 19 2017 Edition]
After everything Ezeibe labored to find a cure for HIV; the Nigerian Health Minister instead of appreciate or applaud the move has suddenly turned to condemn the successful research on the basis that Ezeibe did not obtain permission from him and not on the basis that the cure is ineffective or dangerous. Where is the one Nigeria? It is high time Biafrans from all works of life stand with Nnmdi Kanu because we are all victims of one Nigeria. This makes our signature headline.

This week is one of the weeks to remember; as Indigenous People of Biafra were invaded on their meeting ground and five murdered. This murderous nature of Nigerian security operatives is becoming unbearable.

The issue of 'hale and hearty' President of Nigeria still embroiled in controversies; nobody has heard about the President of Nigeria and within 90 days may spark constitutional crisis. President Donald Trump spoke to Nigerian President but it is noteworthy to know that the President of Nigeria as at the time Trump called is Yemi Osibanjo.

The Nigerian SARS officers of Yoruba and Hausa origin and sell-outs transferred to Biafra land maintain their depopulation of Biafrans by engaging in extrajudicial or summary execution of innocent suspects. Anambra State police command has detained seven and will release them when the matter dies down.

The report that Igbo is forming political alliance with Yoruba is complete mess of the day; there is no political solution to the problem of Nigeria. What is Igbo and who are Igbo? The coming together of few ambitious men should not represent the Igbo speaking part of Biafra that has jettisoned Nigerian politics for Biafra.

Despite the efforts of Nigeria; Soludo and Anyaoku has said that Nigeria is going nowhere; truly this contraption has come to its end. Even a thug/drug addict like Charly Boy is aware of the fact that Nigeria is gone forever.

We bring to your knowledge once more that statistic shows that Nigeria is the most dangerous place on earth to be a Christian. Who are the Christians in question if not Biafrans; if Nigeria is this dangerous and the world knows, it becomes sheer wickedness not to support the exit of Biafrans.

With the agitation for a sovereign State of Biafra championed by Nnamdi Kanu; the world is beginning to talk and admit the truth Nnamdi Kanu preached on radio Biafra. For French presidential favorite to say colonization is crime against humanity; is stepping up against Britain.

Fulani herdsmen are now volunteering to protect oil pipelines; there is nothing that won’t happen in Nigeria. They would be armed and they would continue the genocide going on in Biafra land, the security of pipeline is simply official way to continue genocide that would push for Islamization.

We have conquered Boko Haram; this government of lies told the world and has been living in the euphoria of that lie. Boko Haram is killing, bombing and attacking Nigerians everyday without obstruction and yet nobody is talking about it. What a disgrace to humanity that everything about Nigeria is fake.

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Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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