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February 4, 2017

Ralph Uwazurike
If pictures lie and there is little doubt left in you; kindly pick your gadget and go to ‘youtube’ you will be able to see for yourself a video released by the Indigenous People of Biafra where Uwazurike was strongly campaigning for Ohakim, ex-governor of Imo State. You might as well not know what played behind the scene but Biafra Reporters did so much to unravel the atrocities and inconsistence of Lebeanya Ralph Uwazurike. The five million Niara; black Hilux official government number truck, and many more awarded to Uwazurike shows the politician he has become.

According to a source who spoke concerning Uwazurike's political business with MASSOB; he noted that Uwazurike was long done with the struggle for Biafra restoration and was only interested in becoming a governor someday. “He had casually said he would be governor someday and use that position to fight for Biafra restoration. He has already said that by supporting politicians and being in politics; politicians can sign Biafra into existence” The source went further to say that Uwazurike was so confused that he started talking about amnesty. “We didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing; it was hell to me that have passion for Biafra”

Ralph Uwazurike calls for Jega; INEC Chairman's sack

There is no doubt that before the coming of Nnamdi Kanu; Uwazurike had turned Biafra agitation- MASSOB into a political force being reckoned with. The investigation carried out by Biafra Reporters clearly shows that Uwazurike took MASSOB as a deciding factor and always bill politicians before MASSOB throws its weight behind the candidate.

Uwazurike was part of the stake holders deciding who should be supported or not; he often stays away from primary elections and come in only when a party has decided a candidate. APGA was initially strongly his party; but along the line, things started falling apart and he switched to PDP. Anambra recorded the heat of political conflict which prompted Peter Obi to madly unleash the military on MASSOB members which cost plenty of lives. According to our investigation; most of the killings recorded in Anambra State was as a result of political conflict between Ralph Uwazurike and Peter Obi.

Uwazurike is called to meetings for endorsement and once endorsement is made; MASSOB mobilizes and does everything within its power to enthrone such candidate. As formerly reported; Uwazurike made it mandatory that every MASSOB member must have a voters’ card. The registration of voters’ card by MASSOB members came with 500 Naira incentive for anyone who registers. According to the source who spoke on condition of anonymity; he noted that Rojenny was the venue most MASSOB members registered and fingered the owner of Rojenny as Uwazurike right-wing man.

Uwazurike got to the peak of his political career in Nigeria during the re-election bid of Jonathan; he suddenly migrated from State politics to national politics where he enjoyed recognition and financial benefits. He was seen as the leader of Eastern political pressure group whose group can influence and decide the way of the electorate. The elevation was by recommendation and trust based on everything he has done for PDP, according to our investigation.

The elevation brought together of the three main regional political movements or people that are capable of setting fire, Fashun, Al-mustapha and Uwazurike. Fashun represented the Western political movement; Al-mustapha represented the Northern political movement and Uwazurike Represented the Eastern political movement. Their duty was to mobilize the people of their regions and ensure that Goodluck Jonathan was massively voted for. Our investigation further disclosed that millions of Naira was released to them for the job.

The agreement and Uwazurike’s political height and engagement was responsible for the protest by MASSOB in the build up to 2015 election where MASSOB demanded the resignation of the then INEC Chairman Pro. Atahiru Jega. Our investigation disclosed that the protest was sponsored by Goodluck Jonathan and ordered by Uwazurike aimed at smoothing Jega’s removal when PDP found out that Jega was becoming insubordinate. PDP mobilized the protest with millions of Naira to ensure a weighty one to serve as ‘reason’ to criticise those who are opposed to Jega’s removal. When some MASSOB members who participated in the protest were contacted in a face-to-face chat; they confirmed that no money was given to them except for logistics; meanwhile Uwazurike pocketed everything.

When Jonathan visited Anambra State; Uwazurike played major role in getting him to campaign in Eastern region; the investigation says. The coming of Jonathan to Anambra later caused problem; the MASSOB director of security who was reportedly killed by Uwazurike arranged MASSOBians in Onitsha who came to Holy Trinity cathedral with Biafran flag and were waving it everywhere to tell the President that they want Biafra without the authority of Uwazurike. According to our investigation; the act backfired on Uwazurike who was called by Jonathan and warned that they don’t want to see such thing on their campaign ground. Though Uwazurike did not formally warn Mike Eze but it was clear he was angry with him for displaying Biafran flag without his order.

Mike Eze died same year in Uwazurike’s compound; Read The Report Here Uwazurike became a top politician and betrayed Biafra. Having betrayed Biafra; he is adamant to fight against Biafra in order to save his day.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
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