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February 5, 2017

Ralph Uwazurike
Innocent Orji who is today standing trial for kidnap and murder is the MASSOB national director of security and the personal bodyguard to Lebeanya Ralph Uwazurike. Contained in a dossier exclusively obtained by Biafra Reporters is the truth kept away from the public on how Ogbuawa and his two Chinese counterparts were kidnapped. Innocent Orji as director of security played a major role in executing the agreement based on using proceeds from kidnap to acquire ammunitions for Uwazurike’s MASSOB.

Innocent Orji totally agreed with Uwazurike that wealthy Igbo speaking Biafrans should be kidnapped and the money gained from the kidnap be used to acquire arms to fight for Biafra- a fraud Uwazurike perfected to enrich himself. According to the report; Innocent Orji who is now languishing in Nigerian prison accepted the deal with his whole heart. He was determined to stop corruption and ensure that ammunition was bought to fight for Biafra restoration.

Ten years still awaiting trial; his dream of purchasing ammunition faded away and his freedom traded to the pleasure of Ralph Uwazurike. Ransom so far taken from victims has been given to Uwazurike and he told innocent Orji that the money was safe, according to the report. Innocent who takes order from Uwazurike and passes to his boys was hopeful that very soon, ammunition will be bought and anything Nigeria wants, he would give it to them “He was savoring the moment ammunition will be bought and Biafra restored” a source said on condition of anonymity.

In line with the agreement to start kidnapping Igbo speaking Biafrans and their ransom to be used to purchase arms, Pius Ogbuawa was blacklisted (Read The Report Here) Pius Ogbuawa is a business tycoon based in Nnewi whose machine parts importation is widely known. He was kidnapped by Innocent Orji but was rescued by the Nigeria security operatives. According to the report obtained; Uwazurike ordered the kidnap of Ogbuawa in line with his order for Igbo speaking Biafrans to be kidnapped and forced to sponsor armed agitation.

The two Chinese citizens that were kidnapped afterwards was not Uwazurike’s original plan, according to the report. “Uwazurike ordered the kidnap of Ogbuawa alone but when Ogbuawa was kidnapped; Innocent forced him at gun-point to connect richer men that can bring bigger ransom, that was why Ogbuawa called his Chinese business friends” Chinese citizens involvement was Innocent Orji’s call/discretion. He made the move because he wanted more money for ammunition to be completed as quick as possible, the report says. “He would not ask Uwazurike anything, he makes sure that Uwazurike keeps every dime accrued because he prioritized Biafra”

Innocent Orji was betrayed even before he knew of the betrayal; all the money gotten so far were in Uwazurike’s possession, he was not planning to acquire any ammunition, the report says. When Ogbuawa called his Chinese friends and they were kidnapped and taken into the bush (hideout), one lost his life. The Chinese citizen that lost his life was an accident; it was a sad thing to everyone because it was a problem to them.

The death of the Chinese citizen was the turning point against Innocent Orji; Uwazurike was communicated the development but he was not happy. “Uwazurike knew that the death of the Chinese man would motivate investigation to bring the perpetrators to book. Already; the government was fingering MASSOB and Uwazurike has been called by the security operatives for interrogation, but he worked with them by helping apprehend MASSOB members he feels are insubordinate to him, the report says.

“Uwazurike was jittery that everything would leak and he would be exposed; he quickly went to the back and gave the security operatives a tip off and Innocent Orji was apprehended. Innocent Orji was not aware and he is not yet aware that who framed him was Uwazurike” according to the report, there was a decision to terminate everything to make sure Uwazurike is not linked; nothing one tells the security operatives that would cause an investigation into Uwazurike’s involvement because he was an ally to them but a conspirator to the boys he uses.

Uwazurike is very cautious of avoiding any problem with the government of Nigeria; hence anything- he was a saboteur to his own cause. He would send MASSOB boys out to execute one crime or another and when he feels they would be caught and he would be implicated, he would tap security operatives as a good citizen. According to the dossier in store; Uwazurike has terminated a lot of people simply for not working according to his fake script or failing in one job or another.

Innocent Orji is a victim of sabotage and now languishing in Nigerian prison; he is Uwazurike’s bodyguard and very loyal to him. Has anyone questioned the exemption of Uwazurike from the case he obviously sent his bodyguard? Innocent Orji as MASSOB national director of security; is Uwazurike not supposed to answer questions if his subject if found culpable? Have you asked why everything just went smoothly without Uwazurike being interrogated? This report is the answer to most of your complicated questions regarding Ogbuawa kidnap.

NB. We urge the general public to verify our reports as they are nothing but truth. We are not urging the arrest of Uwazurike hence he is the witness for the government against Nnamdi Kanu. We know that Uwazurike is untouchable because he is a great asset to the Nigerian government.

Biafra Reporters shall withhold more reports on Uwazurike and would continue at the appropriate time. We urge Uwazurike to stop fighting Biafra restoration or Nnamdi Kanu because more disclosure of his roles will endanger his life. The Ezu River of Death and many more reports await should Uwazurike dare IPOB again.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
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