February 17, 2017

Mary Bernstein
Mary Bernstein, a US activist has reacted to the murder of US Navy veteran; kidnap of Moses Agbo, murder of Biafrans on Trump Solidarity rally. In this interview with Ifeanyi Chijioke Mary Bernstein shares her view. Her numerous writings to world authorities points same direction Bruce Mayrock passed through and to her, the situation of Biafrans is becoming a frustration to her.


Nnamdi Kanu is still in detention; Nigerian government not being constitutional and ECOWAS court faltering, what is your advice to his legal team?

I am glad that you asked this question. I recently within the past few days generated an article "A Tale of Two Journalists". This raises the  question of disparate treatment concerning British citizen Nnamdi Kanu abduction in Nigeria for journalistic activities; a British citizen and a BBC journalist, Alan Johnston was abducted by the Palestinian Army of Islam in Gaza City; began on 12 March 2007 and lasted for nearly four months (114 days). I also note that after only eight weeks in captivity according to the BBC Timeline of the abduction that and I quote “Britain's Tony Blair says the UK is doing all it can, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon adds his voice to the campaign.” Read the story here. Have procedures changed dramatically concerning British citizens in the past nine years? Or is something else afoot? The variable appears to be that Alan Johnston is a white man and Nnamdi Kanu is a black man.

There appears to be a double standard. Why else would London not be according the same privileges to Nnamdi Kanu as Britain does for other british nationals such as transfer to United Kingdom for trial, sentencing where a fair trial before a jury could be conducted? The question is in what way. Is it because Nnamdi Kanu is Black? Or is it because Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the Biafra struggle? Why are Biafrans being deported, and are muslims not in England? Follow there story

Helping British prisoners apply for a transfer to UK where possible - Read here

The Prison Pack states:

If you are a citizen of Nigeria as well as a British national and you are imprisoned in Nigeria, the British High Commission cannot assist you except in exceptional circumstances. Nnamdi Kanu case scheduled for a secret trial this week February 10, 2017 is exceptional circumstances. On your brochures it states that trials are not done quickly in Nigeria but dragged out for months, years.

Given the fact that the British High Commissioner knows that a trial in Nigeria can take years it is prudent that Nnamdi Kanu be transferred to United Kingdom for trial. This can be done for sentencing but who knows when that will ever happen due to these exceptional circumstances. I think a motion to change venue due to prejudicial nature in Nigeria would make sense.

What is your assessment of the condition of the people of Biafra?

My assessment of their environmental and societal conditions:- They live on a planet called Africa which appears to be devoid of civilization. It is like a surreal cartoon land of villains that run rough shot without repercussions. Murders occur with no prosecution, immunity. There is no social service program despite hundreds of millions of dollars donated by the United States for years now. There are no jury trials. There is no garbage collection. The Biafrans are extremely patient and have played by the rules for their referendum.  I have chastised this Frederica Mogi woman of the European Union that is as responsible in my opinion for many of the deaths this past year cycle. This woman lectured Biafrans setting forth the rule according to international law that as long as they were not violent they would receive referendum. As a result, Biafrans did not take up arms to defend themselves and many died as a result of this ill fated advice.

My assessment of Biafrans' emotional, mental and physical conditions is that the Biafrans are extremely steadfast, determined and persistent. They are resilient and capable of survival even under the most deplorable conditions which they have proven by the remnant that survived naked, starved and provided with a stipend of $20 before sent into exile across the World. Nonetheless, many of them have become wealthy as they are resourceful and savvy. I believe that and I have said this that I and the Biafrans I believe have such an affinity for each other because I believe they have many of my conditions from trauma, abuse but that are undiagnosed due to the lack of mental health and medical care available.

Bruce Mayrock did something like you are doing until he was frustrated into suicide, are you aware?

Bruce Mayrock is the only one that I am aware of in the initial Biafra-Nigeria War from the United States that made any efforts whatsoever to assist. What I know about Bruce Mayrock is that he was a young 20 years old Columbia University student that possessed idealism and was a humanitarian. To reach the level of frustration with politicians and agencies that would not assist to the point of suicide demonstrates to me that he was extremely serious and possessed as much passion as I do. These were hippie times in 1969 where he could have just been taking drugs having groovy times but he was very motivated to see change. The young millennial students today here are indoctrinated in self promotion, hooking up and nothing like the university activists of yesteryears. Now they riot against political candidates or President Trump riots, not protests because they are paid fees. The beautiful young African people remind me of the activism in 1960s United States. These young people are bright, politically active not suffering from arrested development at elementary school level.

I do in fact wrestle with suicide ideation and have attempted it twice in my life. The first time was at age 10 running in front of a moving vehicle wherein I received a broken arm and thrown back from the impact. The second time was at age 14 with prescription overdose wherein I was found before too late taken to hospital, stomach pumped after effects for days. I was not successful either of these times but intended.

You have been writing to the world virtually every day, calling their attention to what is going on in Biafra, have they responded you?

I cannot read the tea leaves but I am optimistic. We only just have been put on the road to recovery after this country was shanghaied for 8 years by a socialist new world order. White people were vilified by this administration, ridiculous issues pushed forward while Christians slaughtered, citizens threatened to be imprisoned if they spoke out against climate change, jobs outsourced, hb1 visas taking over all our jobs, millions of our US tax dollars sent to corrupt governments.

President Trump has only taken over and is the subject of onslaught daily. The travel ban concerning national security was attacked by the judiciary. Obama invoked a travel ban in 2011 nothing was said. President Trump proposed and is doing a wall for our borders, for sovereignty and was demonized. The UK now moves to institute a wall against the French. I do not hear anyone demonizing them. The prime Minister met, had a feel-good meeting with President Trump, sang his praises. A few days later she is speaking stating that this and that are not her/their position.

President Trump has instituted a visa free travel for the Caribbean residents to make up I feel for what the Clintons did to the Haitian people. President Trump had a place at the table for Biafra. Trump mentioned Buhari several times during his election in negative tone because he was aware of the attempt to eradicate the Southern Region of Nigeria. Trump mentioned Haiti and is doing something for Haiti. Trump mentioned that the leaders in Africa are “African Thieves”. Trump does not label the people of Africa thieves. I believe cutting off the illegitimate funding for years by Obama lining the pockets of corrupt leaders and facilitating by providing arms, security to do so will go a long way. This is not penalizing or sanctioning the average African for the people did not derive any benefits whatsoever from the aid.

They have not responded to me directly and they will not respond to me directly. President Trump is aware of what happened on January 20 in Port Harcourt. President Trump is not politically correct and he is anti New World Order. Therefore with a man of action like this we will not see lip service that he condemns this attack rather I believe he is taking action that we are not necessarily privy. An attack on his supporters is an attack on him and he takes notice.

One month after; you are still calling for the release of Moses Agbo; a Biafran journalist kidnapped by Nigerian DSS; are you hopeful he would be released?

The Nigerian Military and DSS never met a lie that they did not embrace. We are not even certain if they have him or if he is alive. This is what is so crazy this civilization vacuum wherein there is no prosecution of criminals. On the other hand, innocent citizens are scooped up, flogged pulled out of cars harassed. I am hopeful but Nnamdi there indefinitely it seems so a servant is not greater than his master. Also there is another Biafran I believe that has been imprisoned since 2005.

Again a US navy veteran was murdered; the murder has been allegedly linked to the Government for taking him a Biafran military trainer, what do you say of that one?

I do not think necessarily he was a Biafran military trainer but he was perceived as a threat and taken out preemptively.

Nigeria had no problem with US service men sent to Nigeria to train security against Boko Haram.

Supporters of your President were killed rallying in solidarity with him, what is your reaction?

It has not even been a month since this tragedy unfolded. I am baffled and perplexed at the bravado exhibited once again by the military. President Trump does not necessarily lay all his cards on the table but holds his cards close to his vest.

Donald Trump doesn’t play with his supporters and neither does he play with US veterans but he has not reacted to the news coming from Nigeria, what do you think is the reason?

The Geopolitical world is very complex. We know that he is very pro Biafra and pro self determination. My guess is he is hands off. President Trump is doing exactly what Africa needs hands off. It is your country. What he can do is withhold funding from the tyrants and anti retaliation for self determination act introduced. Do not provide funding or aid to those that retaliate on their people for self determination.

US embassy for the first time halted massacre of Biafrans which would have gone beyond 20 victims in Donald Trump solidarity rally, do you think they have done enough?

What can they really do? The United States cannot interfere with another nation’s sovereignty other than declaring war.   Withholding funding, being supportive of the referendum these are things that can be done.

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