By Kelechi Okorie | Writes for TBP
February 8, 2017

Buhari and Shekau are one
As Buhari’s dead rumor remains the most trending topic; 10 days vacation came and gone together with extension yet, Nigerians are still waiting to hear from their President at least “I dey kampke” like former head of state Olusegun Obasanjo said during his dead rumor episode.

Few days ago while having an online discussion with a Nigerian, he was of the view “after Buhari’s vacation must have elapse without neither hear nor see him taking over his presidential duty, that will mark his last trust for Nigerian government, he further said he may forgive Yaradua’s dead episode for him to be deceived again in the same scenario was nothing but letdown of his age and intelligence”.

Presidency is making head way again to trick Nigerians once more even when evidences are there to prove that Buhari is permanently residing in Saudi Arabian soil like his counterpart Umaru Musa Yaradua, some doubting Thomas still recycled in their vulnerability to accept the fact. National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) to mobilize more than 15,000 of its members to welcome Buhari at the airport either dead or alive is now worrisome for the presidency; is empty gasket going to be sneaked into Nigeria at midnight and light switch off at the airport or the Dramaminants coming up with different dimensions to perfect their tales by moon light drama?

It is shameful no media platform in Nigeria has ever reported the rationale behind a minute silent observed by Africa Union for Buhari’s departure. Profoundly, a minute silent is a sign of showing respect for the dead, AU doing so, does it mean Buhari is responding to treatment or he is hale and hearty? What of the condolence massage from Queen Elisabeth II, how could that be addressed? My goodness me!

Founding father of all liars Lai Muhammed; Nigeria Information Minister; having ran out of lies, he came up with uncoordinated kindergarten cheap lies that "the presidential jets are still undergoing routen maintenance. Buhari may likely not make it back to the country tomorrow", he twitted. Nigeria; a jackpot club, where citizens are wishing to redeem their prizes till lizards grow hair and a child becomes older than his parents. Presidential jets undergoing routen maintenance and national interest, which of them is more important? Why won’t Buhari make use of other available means back to his country?
Recall, Buhari derives pleasure killing people that objected his views mainly Biafrans; with his Islamic believe; once a non Muslim (Infidel) is killed, 7 virgins are waiting for you after dead. Perhaps, having killed millions of Biafrans during Biafra war, as a military head of state and now a pretending democratic head of state, he must have been enjoying himself with thousands of under-age virgins doing what he knows best as Aisha was a victim of his handiwork.

Nigeria government can clone Buhari replica but one thing is certain - original can be differentiated from the carbon invariably; a walking corps cannot be accorded as a living.

Public opinion: TBP correspondents gathered, people were of the view that Buhari having wished himself dead before Biafra restoration was a thing of joy for Biafrans and agony for Nigerians.  Now the EU has once again commenced another Biafra debate which shows hope for Biafrans. It is rather we see Biafra restored than Buhari alive and Biafra withheld. Besides, he has being killing Biafrans since he came to power.

As the drama is still ongoing, spectators are intact watching how the end unfold, while Biafrans on the other hand are working tirelessly to get their nation restored. Buhari’s dead drama is inconsequential and can never distract attention to do what is to be done to make our fallen heroes and heroines proud.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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