By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi/writes for TBP
February 16, 2017

Ancient map showing clearly Biafra existed before Nigeria was formed by the British
The time and hour has come to unearth the hidden truth why the British government are so adamant; making sure Nigeria never dismembered; the British government created Nigeria to be in existence without the consent of her indigenous people to this day.

The term Nigeria has no definite clause and meaning to the people entrapped in this confinement of the British power mongers; the name "Nigeria" is a British coinage for the Negro people residing within the Niger River areas; Nigeria was neither created by the Oduduwas nor the Arewas and not even the Biafrans; so it has become pertinent to ask why should we answer a false identity imposed on us over our real identity which is either Biafra, Oduduwa or Arewa.

The British government came to trade with the Biafrans over palm oil which they needed so much as a result of industrial revolution that trended in that part of the world as at the time they came through the instruments of the Royal Niger Company [Charter]; afterwards followed the missionary work without the indigenous people knowing that the British had another intent of forcing unity to group(s) of diverse nationality.

First, before the coming of the British government into what is today known as Nigeria; the Hausa-Fulani has already came in contact with the Arab world which is the modicum to them of learning how to trade with them, got educated in Arabic schools thereby making Islam their religion of interest. The Arab colonized these set of Hausa and Fulani with a defined territory known as Othman Empire which Sokoto is the head of the caliphate administrative affairs.

Note; Hausa-Fulani already had a defined value system that conforms with the Arabic world yet the British upon knowing this defiled them with Fredrick Luggard  as the head of the Northern Sokoto caliphate, he Luggard championed and killed the Hausa-Fulani Emirs and chiefs who were against the British rule in their region which abhors western civilization but because of lack of war armaments the British defeated them and subjected them under her crown. Within this time in quote Luggard signed a secret accord with the surviving Emirs and chiefs to hand over Nigeria to them.

Nigeria as a country was a British ideology to enslave the various indigenous people together not to be freed hence the British promoted the unity of her creation Nigeria up till this day even against the wishes of the indigenous people who have sworn oaths to liberate themselves from this modern day slavery and subjugation by the British government.

British government started the amalgamation movement of the South and North when it discovered lots of natural black gold in the South of which the nationalities there were Oduduwa/Dahomey Dynasty, Benin Kingdom and Biafra Kingdom. Everything about Nigeria is a pseudo-making by the British government, Nigeria wasn't organically formed by the indigenous people thence we seek for the dismemberment of her; if Nigeria is organically formed why do Hausa-Fulani and Oduduwa oligarch always forced unity on Biafrans? Without.

Nigeria; the British enclave will not stop to make folly of herself since her handlers are all meant to be puppets before the eyes of the British Monarchy; the power tussle in Nigeria was infused on Hausa-Fulani before the British left the shores of their business rendezvous and opened BBC Hausa to promote the Northern interest as to effectively help them be in proxy of the happenings in Nigeria; Nigeria is synonymous with corruption, nepotism, tribalism, coup, terrorism, lies, deceits, mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds yet in the face of these agony the British government keep on promoting her creation against our collective interest.

The belligerent attitude and nature of the British crown whenever she perceives that the affected regions in her creation seek for a redress through a peaceful disintegration should be questioned by the international communities; Britain considered it statutorily beneficial to liberate her people from the shackles of European Union as the crown viewed it yet same crown finds it statutorily beneficial to impose and enforce false amalgamation unity on Biafrans. In view of this it is absolutely right to say that the sole interest of the British crown in Nigeria is oil even if we like "die or live" is non of her crown business. The British crown has no human conscience at all.

We promise the crown; Biafra is set to go and live peacefully same way Britain left the EU.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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