By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 15, 2017

Biafrans peacefully protesting in their millions for the restoration of Biafra
This week is tense following the massacre of IPOB members that attended a family meeting at Okwe Primary School Asaba; five indigenous people of Biafra were gunned down at a spot while 17 was declared missing two days after the meeting when their various families could not confirm their return back home till date. The massacre ensured a flared emotion that people began to call for self-defense from every corner of the world. They were of the view that the massacre is taking another dimension because no standard has been raised against the murderous Nigeria security operatives. While few were calling for review of strategy; their voices were heard and they deserve a chance to contribution or suggestion.

I was the very person at the front of this call for self-defense; I allowed my emotion to control a larger part of me. Who would not allow his emotion when he sees his lovely and darling brothers and sisters gunned down and buried. Who would not sought for the lives of his brothers to be defended when the world is just feigning ignorance like everything is okay. I took the position of self-defense because I was entirely devoid of debate but solely dependent on my emotion.

I took time to vigorously debate my position with some friends whose reasons I found superior to mine and a meditation was everything I needed to clear myself and say that I was wrong calling for self defense. I came to the simple reality that we must pay the price of freedom if we really want to be free; we must have that enduring heart if we must get what we are fighting for. Freedom is not gotten on a platter of gold and this is why we must not allow the enemy to set the pace for us.

The time for self-defense is not yet ripe and there is the need to endure till the right time; it is very clear that there is a plan to tag Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist organization and self-defense might be twisted in a wrong way knowing that mainstream media is disinclined to the struggle for freedom. Britain has been working behind closed door to tag IPOB one thing or another but the total submission to peace deprived them the avenue to push for it. By every indication; the peaceful nature of IPOB is hurting her enemies and saving our lives in disguise.

The shooting in a peaceful protest and now shooting in Family meetings and homes of Biafrans is likely targeted to provoke us into self-defense that would ultimately result to full blown crisis. Once self-defense is called; there would be a reason for the enemy to unleash her full military might and that would be devastating to us. There would be something to hold unto and urge allies to withdraw the sympathy and support we have earned already. We must sustain this peaceful nature at all cost; and respond at the appropriate time.

Muhammadu Buhari is trying everything possible to start a war with the people of Biafra but we have disappointed him and will continue to disappoint him, all we want is Biafra and not war. We have endured from the start and cannot lose the grip now. We need that mental toughness to pass every stage this agitation comes to and the stage right now is to continue to remain peaceful and fearless before our enemies. We are not afraid of death and neither shall we be scared away by the murderous Nigerian security operatives.

Let us be strong and wait till the right time we can strike them devastatingly; we are not ready for war and let their murderous approach not force us into what we are not prepared for. Nigeria must not decide when we go to war with them; we have to decide when it happens and this is why we must endure our loss. Let the very prophetic words of Nnamdi Kanu be an anchor for us “They shall kill us and we shall kill them but in the end, we shall win” it is their turn to kill and our turn is coming; the patient dog eats the fattest bone.

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