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February 3, 2017

Ralph Uwazurike
It has been established that financial mismanagement was the major thing that bedeviled MASSOB under Uwazurike; as an ex-MASSOB leader, he so much concentrated on finance that it caused uncountable problems between him and his loyalists. For greater love for money; Uwazurike went to the length of going into private agreement with his loyalist to ensure that they are not offended and ensure receipt of any money accrued from the movement.

According to the dossier exclusively obtained by Biafra Reporters; Uwazurike extended the love for money to his regional directors and applied IBB’s method- the widely known chop-and-chop. The development played a vital role in destroying the purported mission of MASSOB which was to restore Biafra. Unknown to many; Uwazurike has forfeited Biafra restoration by virtue of the agreement that activated his release. Slowly; the love for money saturated the movement and nobody cares about the real thing except fighting for position where he can be in charge to manage money.

The profile of Uwazurike remains sketchy even when he came onboard as MASSOB leader; he had claimed to be a lawyer but only to be discovered that he has no certificate. Since his fraudulent title came to the public attention; he has not refuted it. On numerous occasions; he has been urged to come out publicly and give account of his education- his university- teachers- mates but he never did. Such silence is enough to convince the world that he has lived all his life as a fraudster.

Some critics have attributed his love for money as a result of his background and perverse childhood; Lebeanya Ralph Uwazurike hails from a very poor family that could not boast of a home let alone being in the middle class. History has proven that poor men cannot fight for freedom because they would eventually be bought with money. Freedom fighting takes upper class to middle class who has the mental toughness and can overcome the desire of wanting to be rich or richer. That was exactly what became of Uwazurike; he went into freedom fighting only to see it as opportunity to be rich. He could not overcome the love of money that is the root of evil and destroyer of organizations.

One would wonder why Freedom House that MASSOB built for veterans and Leprosy patients suddenly became Uwazurike’s house. MASSOB Freedom House was turned into his house and today occupied by thugs and criminals he armed as BIM National Security Guard. That is what becomes of a poor freedom fighter; he first seeks shelter and comfort which he never had. He seeks money and car which he never had opportunity to have and finally he turns freedom fighting into business venture. Has it not become of Uwazurike who took Five Million Naira, car, house and ensure bogus bank account?

Our source gave explicit details of how Uwazurike raised money in MASSOB and everything that had to do with sources of Uwazurike's finance. He narrated-

“MASSOB functioned like a government under Uwazurike; a government in the sense that he has not achieved freedom but he assigned portfolios to people. The people he assigned portfolios went to any length to tax and ensure that money was gotten from the people of Biafra, both members of MASSOB and non-members. In most cases; money was gotten by force as people of Biafra are subjugated and subjected to illegal tax. Unlike IPOB that depends on monthly contribution from IPOB family members to fund Biafra restoration; MASSOB under Uwazurike was milking the people and never contributed from their own pocket.

“We have director of security, director of religion, regional director, director of transport and so on. The various directors head a group of people depending on area of interest; people on security goes to director of security while religion goes with his people. Now each director was taxed Five Thousand Naira- to be paid into Uwazurike’s personal account every month. The directors tax the people under them and when they pay; even if they pay One Million Naira, all you need to do was pay Uwazurike Five Thousand Naira and pocket the rest. I was a director then but on a second thought; I decided to stop because I am not used to this; I paid into Uwazurike’s account for two months and resigned. The directors were happy doing that because it has turned into a business and none of them was working so MASSOB was their only source of income.

“The director of security was a juicy position then; once you are director of security, Uwazurike will come very close to you because you would provide boys needed to execute anything that was needed to be executed. The security was the money bag of MASSOB because they goes out and ginger people if need arises; while other directors extort money from gullible members who barely eat three square meal, but security goes out and force illegal tax on citizens.

“One of the illegal ways to raise fund was by forcefully taxing people building houses in Biafra; the security goes to any site being built on and criminally demand 250 thousand Naira and in some cases higher than that, the owner of the site will be forced to pay or he is stopped from working, beaten or kidnapped. You also bring bags of rice for Uwazurike and everything he needed, the money will be taken to him with the rice etc, he would share the money and rice, take some and give the director of the boys their own share. That became a routine thing in this part of Biafra; take your time and ask landlords during the days of Uwazurike, they will tell you what they suffered.

“Another means was by collecting money illegally from Okada riders and Keke; this medium is still happening till today. All the people collecting money from Okada and Keke are doing that under MASSOB. They are not recognized by the government but Uwazurike has liaised with the government through his boys and they are working in conjunction. All the money collected from the States Uwazurike controls are brought to his table and he share to various quarters and take his own. The business is his own and no one can dare, he had rather unleash boys on you than allow you meddle. He stays in Okwe and money is brought to his table; Uwazurike is purely heartless.

“Uwazurike goes to Markets in this part of Biafra and forcefully place tax on business men; they are still there till this moment I am talking to you. Once a container of goods comes in; you will be forced to pay them a particular amount after all your sufferings in Lagos. These people have used our people to enrich themselves and it must be stopped. Go to every market and you will see them; they are collecting one levy or another and Uwazurike made it hard to stop by conniving with the government which makes it look legal. There is nothing concerning Uwazurike and Biafra restoration; he is into money making venture.

“Collecting money from aspirants and candidates is another major source of income; Uwazurike uses MASSOB to bill candidates. He takes security work from candidates during election and anything a candidate wants will be done. He would meet a candidate and tell him that MASSOB will vote for him and order all states to do same. The candidate will give him millions and he would pocket everything; give out some and that is the end. I want to ask you, is that freedom fighting? Uwazurike has various ways of making money with MASSOB and at the end of the day; he doesn’t use the money for MASSOB but personally pocket it.

“Finally; do you know that our people in Diaspora will contribute money and give to him for a project and he would not do it? He keeps lying and promising them that everything is in place, that UN visited him, this and that. He was busy building hotels and hostels with the money for freedom fighting; building houses he never had and spending like a fool. He goes from one hotel- club to another; dashing women the money and buying cars for them. Uwazurike fooled every single one of us and that was why it took Nnamdi Kanu so much for our people to believe and accept Biafra again. I only thank God for the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu”

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