Ifeanyi Chijioke; Reporting for TBP
January 20, 2017

Biafra for Trump Rally
It has been finally confirmed that one Biafra activist has been shot dead and scores have sustained various degrees of injuries from the shooting. The Nigerian security forces opened fire on the activist marching peacefully for Donald Trump without posing any form of threat.

“A young vibrant and innocent Biafran was shot dead; we have not gotten his name but we are working towards that. Our people are now running helter-skelter because of the sporadic gun shots” Biafra Reporters correspondent said. "Our people falling out of the flyover as they run for safety"

“This provocation is uncalled for; what kind of animalistic country is this; the people of Biafra were peacefully and lawfully marching and there is nothing against the law here” our reporter emotionally asked.

Nigerian army with AK47 in wait for Biafrans to kill
Meanwhile, scores of Biafrans have sustained degrees of gun injuries and many fainted as a result of tear gas canisters targeted at them. While there is effort to hospitalize as many as possible to save lives; more victims are being reportedly rushed to different hospitals.

“This is total war; they are shooting at Biafrans like their lives are worthless; Buhari is a demon” shouted a Biafran who helped carry victims to undisclosed hospitals. “They even stabbed us and attack us like enemies in a war”

Speaking to one of the injured Biafran who said he was stabbed, he confirmed his injury “I just got stabbed on the head and I cannot explain how it happened” asked if the security forces pursued him; “They are just shooting and throwing tear gas at us and flinging jack-knives at us”

Earlier on; the security forces agreed that there won’t be confrontation as the crowd is too much to be confronted. Watching the crowd sing that they have been intimidated; they made a call and opened fire and shooting sporadically at the people.

“They took the victim with them and trying to disperse us from getting the photo and video of everything they are doing. They dropped the corpse into their Hilux van; a Biafran in white shirt, black trouser and black shoe” our reporter noted.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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