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January 20, 2017

President-elect; Donald J Trump
The Indigenous People of Biafra have continuously remained peaceful in all its dealing; even in a situation they have been confronted with violence. The previous protests by IPOB saw immeasurable provocations which resulted in the murder of thousands of her people but in the face of this confrontation, the people remained peaceful and lawful. Nigerian murderous security forces have maintained and sustained confrontation against placard-carrying and peaceful people of Biafra.

The peaceful nature of IPOB has contributed to the sympathy enjoyed by the group worldwide and the Nigerian government is trying everything possible to disrupt that peace and dent the good image of the people of Biafra. Such effort has given birth to series of accusation against IPOB; even the very one induced AFP reporter as publicized. The Nigerian government has also accused Biafrans of being violent; allegation human rights groups dispelled sufficiently.

It is very clear that Nigerian government is relentlessly working hard to tag IPOB a terrorist group in order to justify the military campaign against the group. IPOB in her wisdom has maintained its peaceful nature even when it looks like it is stupidity being peaceful when violence is meted on her on daily basis. The Nigerian government has vowed to stop at nothing until IPOB is framed and hated by the world as a violent group.

The Trump Solidarity Rally holding today at Igweocha (Portharcourt) seems to be seen as opportunity to execute the plan they have nursed all their lives. IPOB has confirmed an intelligence report bothering on the rally. The Nigerian Government has mobilized her soldiers to wear IPOB T-shirts or polo and storm the rally. The mobilized soldiers have also been armed and were ordered to shoot at any slightest provocation.

The Intelligence further noted that the aim of the Federal Government of Nigeria is to ferment trouble and cause bloodshed to enable sympathy withdrawn from IPOB. IPOB has never been violent or carried arms in a protest demanding for the release of their leader; what then should cause carrying arms in a celebration? This is the question every sane mind will ask and then warn Nigerian government to steer clear the peaceful people of Biafra.

This is to call the attention of the world and people of good conscience to warn Nigeria to desist from IPOB rally. Self-determination is not the end of the world; there is the need for them to look back and seek peaceful resolution of Biafra agitation than continued bloodshed.

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