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January 19, 2017

21 Million Trump Solidarity Rally By IPOB Led By Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
This rally is meant for Donald Trump and the people of Biafra will march on the streets in support of the leader of the world. It is vital to remind us that Donald Trump whom Biafrans fought for through social media is now the leader of the universe. Every Biafran must be in Igweocha (Portharcourt) to demonstrate passion for the very leader they immensely helped enthrone. Biafrans in America voted and their votes also counted, Biafrans on the social media fought and their efforts counted.

Nigerian government might have killed thousands of Biafrans peacefully protesting or agitating for the right to express self-determination. In this very march Biafrans are to do for Donald Trump on Friday 20th of January; who is Nigeria to shoot supporters and campaigners of Donald Trump? Get your family and everyone; this is Biafran victory rally, this is Trump the leader of the world and fear would not let Nigerian murderous establishments dare violence against the people.

This is a time to be counted and show the resoluteness needed for Biafra to be restored; praying cannot be enough and neither can sitting back at home restore our nation. It is good that we pray to Chukwu Okike Abiama and he reveals what we must do. Failure to do as He was commanded will deny us Biafra. Chukwu Okike Abaima commanded that we come out on 20th of this January and show solidarity to His chosen President of United State of America, for when God wants to address your need, he does through human beings.

Offical Letter From IPOB to Major Organisations
The victory of Donald Trump is the victory of the people of Biafra; take your mind back to 2016 when Donald Trump declared his ambition. The people of Biafra started writing and campaigning for his victory; do not doubt your role. Social media played decisive role in deciding the winner; through twitter and Facebook; every single one of you helped circulate truth that saturated the people of America. Radio Biafra page is a historic page on social media; when they hunt something, they eventually execute it. You executed the victory of Donald Trump, so go out there and be proud of your role, you took a great decision.

Have you not been intellectually fighting Nigerian government notwithstanding the government has constantly killed you people? Didn’t you choose Donald Trump and Nigeria chose Hillary Clinton? You have defeated Nigeria; they pumped money into Hillary Clinton’s campaign but you pumped prayers and sleepless nights sharing and writing articles, following Donald Trump and making sure his messages got to every American. You must be at Igweocha on 20th to show that you have superior ability and flaunt your President.

Donald Trump is not a Biafran and we are not saying that he is going to be bought; Donald Trump is a man of justice and fairness. He is a man that forbids killing of innocent people of the world; he is a man that opposes evil. You need to be in Igweocha to support a man that has great respect for human rights and one that would not for political reasons support evil. Donald Trump is what this decaying world needs and you need to sweep away the evil that had occupied the White House.

This is practically the first time in history a nation in Africa is coming out for a solidarity march; we are Biafrans and we are unique. Have you thought of the diplomatic and political edge Biafra nation will have now and beyond? Every Biafran must take part in this march to once more show that we can be different in Africa. 20th January Donald Trump’s rally is the beginning of a future.

Nigeria thought evil will last forever; they thought we are fools that will be provoked into another civil war. The battle is raging but not with gun and bombs; a dedicated soldier will come out and show courage. If we really want Biafra to be restored; this 20th January protest must be a priority as 21 million Biafrans storm Igweocha.

Out of many; these are few reasons every single Biafran must make TRUMP SOLIDARITY RALLY IN IGWEOCHA

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