By Kelechi Okorie; Writes for TBP
Twitter: @KelechiHoney ¤ January 09, 2017

Compromised Justice Binta Nyako
It is one thing to accuse a person in public and another thing to defend it with evidence beyond reasonable doubt in the open. Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu vowed to sink Nigeria with evidence on hidden truth that will shock the world; just a tip of the iceberg of the shock released, the British government is jittering over video evidences on war crime against Biafrans that claimed over five million lives including children and aged women.

January 10th; the long awaited day Nigeria government is expected to tell the world that self determination as a sacred right of all free people as enshrine in United Nations Charter and AU, she is signatory to, is a crime against Nigeria’s beer parlor constitution concocted by Abdusalami Abubakar and his cohorts. Invariably, Binta Nyako acting on Buhari's order, is accusing somebody in public and setting the trial in secret.

Nnamdi Kanu’s legal team must be proactive in letting the DSS know that they are not recognized constitutionally. Binta Nyako should be asked how frivolous amended charges against their clients are not bailable offence as she claimed. She ought to equip herself to specifically interprets what constitutes a treasonable felony and management of an unlawful society charges against Nnamdi Kanu. When, where and how it happened to prove she is not acting on a script in order to exchange her husband’s liberty from the money laundry charges against him by EFCC.

Muhammadu Buhari and his jackpot political games knew by appointing Binta Nyako; her sister is an easy access to jail Nnamdi Kanu, the prisoner of conscience. An illegal jail term for Nnamdi Kanu shall never be taken for granted by millions of Biafrans around the world. Nigeria is a lawless British amusement park, where judicial arm of government is answerable to the president. A country where Judges are always intimidated to passe verdicts in favor of the government unabated against the opposition.

A country where a government in power appoints judges to decide on its own cases; deceiving people claiming to be just. Binta Nyako's first appearance ruling was a sign of biasness; she intentionally fixed the same date with ECOWAS court case to frustrate Nnamdi kanu’s defense team; denial of bail application and reintroduction of charges earlier acquitted by different competent law courts. All these acts are in making sure Nigeria government has a ground to jail Nnamdi Kanu and other defendants at all cost.

What IPOB is asking the DSS (Buhari’s personal agents) is for them to provide evidence(s) of their imaginary charges against their leader and how a registered IPOB in over 88 countries of the world, could be said to be managing unlawful society. Biafrans are being killed in numbers and others tortured inhumanly like Moses Agbo; a Biafran journalist who was kidnapped by Buhari’s secret police (DSS). The early Binta Nyako acknowledges Biafra restoration is ordained and a just course that must be achieved, will be better for her than doing a 'trade by barter' to avert her family from a crime they were actually indicted.

Meanwhile, Nnamdi Kanu has succeeded in radicalizing millions of Biafrans, and should Binta Nyako’s travesty of justice have the light of the day as she plans, then the Nigeria government as a matter of urgency must expand her prison yards to accommodate millions of Nnamdi Kanus in no distance time. After watching and looking the videos and photos of how Biafrans were massacred by Nigerian government, you don't expect them to fold their hands watching their leader jail secretly.

For those souls wasted by the Nigeria State to rest in peace, Biafra must be restored. During the Biafra-Nigeria war, Former British Prime Minister; Wilson and other Ministers lied to Parliament about the massive UK arms supplied to Nigeria to massacre Biafrans and blockage of history by British/Nigeria to avert references and to hide the crime committed against humanity from the world.

This same strategy is been applied today by the Nigerian appointed paid-off Judge Binta Nyako to jail Namdi Kanu secretly so as to stave the world from knowing the truth. Buhari’s advisers must caution him; black and white television is not the same thing with color television; 1966-1970 is far different from 2017; a word is enough for the wise.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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