January 2, 2017

Leader of IPOB; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
On behalf of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), we welcome all Biafrans to the year 2017. The past year (2016) had been a challenging one, but we proved that indeed we are Biafrans and are capable of rising to the occasion. In 2016, we experienced the re-enactment of genocide on Biafrans by Muhammadu Buhari who is a killer by profession and by hobby. Perhaps, Buhari continued from where he stopped in 1968 when he participated in the mass-murder of over two million Biafrans at Owerri.
Muhammadu Buhari miscalculated by kidnapping and illegally detaining the IPOB leader and other Biafrans. In his warped Almajiri calculations, detaining Nnamdi Kanu will kill-off the quest for the restoration of Biafra. His permutation is that Biafrans are mainly traders who will not leave their shops for too long, which will make them abandon both their leader and the restoration process in its entirety. How terribly wrong Buhari was!!!

On the contrary, we can boldly assert that the kidnapping and illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu have thoroughly embarrassed Buhari and his agents. Even the court process has further put a dent on the Nigerian Judiciary in addition to destroying the careers of John Tsoho and Mrs. Binta Nyako. From global perspective, the restoration of the nation of Biafra has now been catapulted to an all-time high with respected Human Rights Organizations such as Amnesty International exposing the soft underbelly of Buhari, which is the recourse to extra-judicial killing and the use of brute force to engage peaceful and unarmed Biafrans exercising their irreducible rights to self-determination.

Also, Members of European Parliaments (MEP’s) have added their voices to the global outrage on Buhari and his murderous gangs who relish in the spilling of the blood of Biafrans. And back home, we will never forget the doggedness of INTERSOCIETY, which is the only Human Rights Organization in Nigeria that speaks for the oppressed non-violent organizations such as IPOB and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

In all these, we give credit to Biafrans all over the globe who have remained steadfast, peaceful, law-abiding and non-violent in their quest to restore their God-given nation of Biafra. We appreciate, even more, Biafrans at home who have been subjected to extra-judicial killings, summary executions, illegal detention, torture and all manners of inhuman and degrading treatments by agents of Muhammadu Buhari with the direct involvement of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State. Most appreciations go to those who paid the ultimate price and the families they left behind.

We know that Muhammadu Buhari’s strategy is to provoke us into armed conflict so that IPOB will be portrayed to the whole world as a violent organization, while at the same time, Buhari will complete the genocide he started on July 29, 1966, when he and his Northern colleagues in the Nigerian Army assassinated Major General J. T. U. Aguiyi-Ironsi at Government House in Ibadan. As at today, we have defeated Muhammadu Buhari in all aspects of intellectual discourse on the need to separate Biafra from the British-created contraption called Nigeria. Hence, his recourse to force and coercion to put fear in Biafrans. But Buhari has failed and will continue to fail because this year, 2017, will signal the end of the colonization of Biafra by British-backed Nigeria.

Therefore, we urge all Biafrans to rise to the challenge and support IPOB, under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, in every way possible so that we can take our nation back and build a democratic country where everyone will be equal before the law and obedience to the rule of law is sacrosanct. We have the confidence that Biafrans are capable of working together to restore their nation that was robbed them by Britain and Nigeria. This year is pivotal to the restoration of the nation of Biafra and just as Robert Baden-Powell of Boy Scouts motto puts it, let us “Be Prepared.“

Biafra restoration is unstoppable, unquenchable, irresistible, and irreversible. The year, 2017, is the game-changer year.

Barrister Emma Nmezu      
Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Spokespersons for IPOB

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via twitter; @ckorie17, and email;


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