By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
January 29, 2017

It has become a tradition and a new way of acculturation that we often cannot differentiate between the dreaded Fulani herders and Bokoharam with the Nigeria security operatives. Both the Nigeria security operatives and the dreaded sects are known for their killings, killing of innocent citizens of their country with or without provocations.

The Nigerian Police and Military has caused more harm than good more than any other group(s) certified by the international community to be a terrorist organization or body, the only different here is that one kill effectively under the name of government while the other kill using religion and cattle wandering as a yard stick to also kill.

This same murderous Nigeria security operatives offers  hands of friendship to these violent and armed to the teeth groups to embrace peace and amnesty then finds it so pleasing to kill unarmed Biafra agitators at will.

The Nigerian security operatives approach(es) to engage members of the Indigenous People of Biafra in a shoot at sight campaign flagged off by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari is so repulsive that we thought it right to question the motive behind this unholy act of the Police and Military always active on service to molest, intimidate and dispel the Biafrans with gun shots which often result to untimely deaths of their fellow country men and women.

As it was seen in the just concluded Donald J Trump solidarity rally held in Port Harcourt formally known to be Igweocha part of Biafra, the rally was held on the 20th day of January 2017. On this date two rally(s) were held in the British Enterprise called Nigeria, one was held in Lagos State around Ikoyi parts of Oduduwa Nationality to which the paid protestants were mobilized by the Nigeria government and her security outfit provided security measures at the behest of Nigeria government to guide them all through out their stage managed protest against the current United States of America President Donald J Trump, no cases of lost of life was recorded on their side even when these paid protestants tried to break their way into the US Embassy at Ikoyi Lagos State, no live bullet or tear gas was shot at them since it was motivated and perfected by the Nigeria government to showcase her displeasure with the new; now President of the US, whereas their counterpart who were in support of the newly sworn in US President Donald J Trump were shot with tear gas and live bullets which resulted to lost of lives and forceful disappearance of persons on the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra who were solidly behind Donald J Trump victory at the poll and his swearing-in.

Nigerian Security Operatives again at the order of tyrant Buhari committed crime against humanity by killing unarmed Biafrans that participated in the peaceful rally with no form of  justification unlike their counterpart in Lagos State that held their own rally against Donald J Trump same day.

It is based on this affront and judicial killings by the murderous Nigeria security operatives that I append this YouTube handle for the world to see what Biafrans are passing through in the hands of these murderous agents of darkness using the the name government as a dub to kill;

Nigerians protest against President Trump and were protected by Police; but Biafrans who were rallying in solidarity with Trump were shot and killed by Army and Police ordered by Buhari

As a result of this unannounced second phase of genocide taking effect in Biafra land that I sincerely appeal to the conscience of humanity to wade in and prevail on tyrant Buhari to order his murderous armed forces to desist and put a stop to this unnecessary killings of self determination activists and total refusal by tyrant Buhari's murderous Nigerian armed forces to disclose the location of detained Biafrans kidnapped on the said day.

Intelligence information has it that tyrant Buhari ordered his murderous security operatives to made away with the bodies of those killed on sight during the rally and also to check every hospitals within the urban area where IPOB members were receiving treatment and kidnapped them to unknown locations; those that their lifeless bodies were deposited in the morgue got carted away by Buhari's armed men all in a bid to hide evidence of their crimes against humanity.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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